Skema Academy: content sharing through videos

"SHARE" is definitively the best keyword to describe Communication today.

The relationship between companies and people is no longer unidirectional, based exclusively on passive promotional messages. Thanks to internet and social networks, companies and people now talk to each other: they tell stories, ask questions, give answers and share opinions. In short, companies build relationship with people sharing valuable, original and useful contents.

SKEMA is doing its part in this revolution!

Many of you are following us on Facebook (here is our official page), Instagram and Pinterest, but probably you don't know that we are also on Youtube with a specific project: SKEMA ACADEMY.


What is it?

it is a series of 21 video, one for each region of Italy, to present different topics in 3 different ways:

- Interviews with customers.

We will present their projects and their personalities, which contribute to create to composite identity of SKEMA. After all, no one knows better than retailers, installers and interior designers, the real value of our flooring and wall decorations and their practical application;


- technical videos.

We will show the most practical aspects of each product, such as laying or maintenance, in a clear and comprehensive way. These videos will be is the best answer to the most frequently asked questions of those who choose SKEMA as supplier;


- commercial presentations.

They are dedicated mainly to traders. We will introduce the features that make each SKEMA product unique and valid.


You can see the first videos clicking the link at the end of this article, or searching our channel SkemaPavimenti on YouTube.


We are still at the beginning but, as you read, SKEMA ACADEMY is a rich project that will grow from week to week. In these days we are working on the newest video. It will be online on May 24: what is it about? Is it an interview, a technical video or a presentation? Follow us to find out…






To see all Youtube Skema videos go to Skema website www.skema.eu and click on the Youtube icon at the bottom  on the right or click here: see all Skema videos 


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