October 12, 2016: The Discovery Day of Skema

Every year, on the 12th day of October, people all over the world remember the arrival of Columbus in a new land,  America.

On that day, more than 5 centuries ago, the discovery of a new continent, with new products, landscapes and populations, completely changed the conception of the world (and trade) in which Europeans used to live.

But, think for a moment, America always existed, even when Europeans weren't aware of it: Columbus didn't create a new world, he simply revealed what was already there.

October 12, 2016 will be the Discovery Day of Skema, an event during which we will reveal and show the new world of Skema.

It's not just a presentation of new products or company news. It is much more.

The focus of the event will not be the company, but the network of clients and partners connected to us.


An entire day of sharing and training organized to give to all participants the opportunity to revolutionize their approach to sales, starting from a completely different idea of our brand: not only categories, collections and technical specs but also mood-boards and emotions. 

No more just product, but systems.

It's a new way to lead the final customers towards the best choice and a more satisfactory purchase.


During the day we will show all the necessary tools and skills to achieve this new approach, using the renewal of 'LIVING' as a solid example, and we will support the involvement of everybody to let them feel the whole experience: from people to product, 100% Skema!


Unfortunately not everyone can set sail on 3 caravels and come here to Skema, so we decided to plan some other special events: the ROAD SHOWS.

It's a tour in different cities across Italy to bring our products, tools and values to the most distant partners and clients.

Below you can find out which cities are already on the list, but others will be added in the next future to reach also Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia.


September 14  Ancona

September 15 Pescara

September 16 Naples

September 20 Rome

September 22 Florence

October 4 Catania

October 6 Palermo


If you want to know how to participate to the Dicovery Day or the Road Shows please contact us by phone (+39 0422 858511) or email.