Journey into the new world of Sintesy: the logbook of Mostra e Dimostra event

Let's go. 11 June 2018, Skema headquarters of Ponte di Piave. Even before eight in the morning, the building begins to come to life with the latest finishes to welcome our guests in the best possible way. They are historical clients, agents and new partners arrived from the Triveneto and a little from all over Italy who gather today to embark on a journey that will take them during the following hours to get to know the new world of Skema branded floors. The focus is on the news of the Sintesy line and the Outside line.

Mostra & Dimostra. The play on words that gives the title to the event is a true declaration of intent of the day: not only show the new products, but bring them into a real dimension and then demonstrate what they are capable of through a journey that allows you to create empathy, pleasantness and experience.

The wind is changed. It is no longer the time of many products simply listed and collected. It is time to create installations, demonstration installations that reinforce the technical-aesthetic concepts, because the world of living today is undergoing a great change, this change does not start from products but from needs and expectations. People today are attentive and informed, they are prepared customers looking for performance and technology, high aesthetics and environmentally friendly and healthy materials.

The route and the ports. Then  the real journey in the Skema environments begins and the day takes the connotation of a continuous flow of stimuli that is intertwined with the amazement and impressions of the people who came to the event.

First stage the Atelier, with its iconic product representations, with representative elements and with specific corners such as *Lindura-Nadura or Oximoro with the oneiric tree. And again, the new Outside and Star.K displays.

5 Islands. Then, the highlight of the experiential journey in the corner Show & Know where 5 different installations recreate 5 representation sets with 5 symbolic products of the new Sintesy and Outside line. Old and everyday furniture, to remember that today what we are looking for, for our home, is tradition combined with technology and to make it clear that any space can be made more efficient with Skema solutions.

Experiences and reflections. But a real learning path also needs a moment of reflection and study, which is why Skema has organized an exclusive meeting on the top floor where the Academy is located, with architect and designer Franco Driusso, who explained the concept of mood and how to apply it concretely to show and demonstrate at best not only a product but an impression, a style, an idea.


Exhibition islands as visual stories

The exhibition islands tell the places where we meet or live every day through our materials and the contribution they bring.


For this island we have chosen the decoration that best represents the collection, the Kandinsky. We imagined it in a school of painting because thanks to its 7 values, it responds exactly to the needs of a refined and original, characterful environment. Bacteriostatic and with a patented SilentTouch surface, it respects the concentration and commitment of the most imaginative painter.


Ample space for creativity in this fashion atelier, where style meets a silent and extremely creative environment. Thanks to the specific structure of the subfloor that creates adhesion with the floor, it can be laid in support so as to make both application and removal very quick. The installation system without joints (live cutting) allows you to cut and shape the floor by creating custom geometries. Staves and tiles for the combination of materials. Freedom to fantasy.


Semi-rigid but flexible, strong and stable even at high temperatures. It does not fear neither water nor wine, it is provided with a pre-coupled acoustic background. This island represents an old tavern: to cover obsolete even tiled floors with important joints, without further intervention on foundations.


Among the first LVT born in Skema, Connect are characterized by their engineered joints that allow a very quick installation. The reduced thickness is suitable for working in renovations. High resistance to wear and water, with installation in damp environments, for this reason the representation of this island leads to a bath of other times, where we do not get too alarmed if the bathtub loses a few drops ....


What better place to feast and celebrate, the traveler's rest  finds here refreshment and creativity with Outside Marina Real flooring that plays with its colors and its staves to be enjoyed outdoors.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.