Easy and practical to clean: it is Nadura

Nadura is known for its strength and practicality: ease of installation, resistance to impact and foot traffic, but also rapid cleaning.
Its surface is closed, opaque and structurally non-absorbent, for this reason the stains do not penetrate this floor resistant as stone and warm as wood.

To maintain a beautiful Nadura floor over the years, just adopt a few simple rules for cleaning and maintenance, if you follow them you will have a lovely floor in time as the first day, whatever is your environment: home, public space, restaurant, hotels, showrooms and wherever there is a need to sustain a high traffic level.

Post-installation cleaning

Once laid, Nadura will need a deep cleaning to remove the traces and residues of the just ended work.

Remove dust and debris with a broom or with a vacuum cleaner, then remove any remaining dirt with a slightly damp cloth.
For stubborn stains such as glue, silicone or oil, use a suitable non-aggressive cleaning product, such as Skema Multilayer Cleaner, which is neutral and non-abrasive.

Daily cleaning

The real secret to a beautiful floor over time is the frequency with which you clean it, the more often the dirt and dust are removed, the longer it will preserve its beauty over time.

After all, the procedure to clean a Nadura floor is so simple that it is easy to be done daily. Just sweep the surface first with a broom, microfibre cloths or with a vacuum cleaner, then pass to floor cleaning.

To wash it, just use a damp cloth and neutral detergent, in case you opt for a microfiber cloth you will not even need any detergent.

Nadura is not afraid of bumps and scratches, so much that it is often installed in exhibition spaces where furniture is frequently changed or even parked motorcycles. But like all products with a wood core, you must be careful not to leave stagnant water on the floor.


The easiest way is always the best way

Nadura is a product created to facilitate the life of those who pose it in their own environment, public or private, so even on the front of cleaning and maintenance it has been designed to be practical and fast. As you have seen, there is no need to use so many products and there are not many procedures to follow, in fact for the cleaning of Nadura there are more things that do not need to be done rather than those to do. For example, you do not need to use too much water for washing and you do not need to use boiling water. It is better to use a damp cloth rather than a steam mop, which can damage the wooden part of the floor. Also regarding the use of detergents, we advise you not to use products based on bleach, soap paste or waxes. The road of simplicity is the best strategy to enjoy your Nadura floor, without the thought of stains, combined with scratches or abrasions, enjoy your wood powder floor in total relaxation.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.


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