7 Workshop of Infoprogetto with Skema

Skema in these months will be technical partner of Infoprogetto in 7 workshops entitled "The future of constraction" organized by Action Group. These are free accredited training meetings open to Architects, Surveyors and Engineers. The registered professionals will receive 6 Professional Training Credits.

where and When

The seven dates are throughout all the year 2018. We start with Bologna and Rome in March, until the last meeting in Milan in November, in the middle: Treviso, Padua, Trieste and Venice.
Here is the list with the dates and addresses of each meeting:

22 March – Bologna
Zan Hotel Europa (Via Cesare Boldrini, 11)
29 March – Rome
Casa dell'Architettura (Piazza Manfredo Fanti)
17 April – Treviso
Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel (Via Postumia Castellana, 2)
10 May – Padua
Crowne Plaza (Via Po, 197)
28 June – Trieste
Terminal Passeggeri Trieste Molo IV (Via Punto Franco Vecchio c/o Capannone 1)
12 July – Venice
NH Laguna Palace (Viale Ancona, 2A)
29 November – Milan
Palazzo delle Stelline (Corso Magenta, 61)

In the various events the main theme of building innovation will be explored in all its developments, such as building redevelopment, energy efficiency, the sustainable packaging and the challenges of the new architecture.
For example, in Bologna on March 22 we will talk about innovative tools and technologies for the building industry in order to face the challenge of the new architecture, in Rome on March 29 the theme of the event will be innovation and technology at the service of building.
All the meetings are free and everyone can participate but only the professionals who register at the event through the official website Infoprogettocan obtain the accredited training credits. To the architectssurveyors and engineers registered in the respective professional registers are recognized six training credits for each session, officially accredited by the Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti Paesaggisti, Pianificatori e Conservatori (C.N.A.P.P.C.), by the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (C.N.I.) and by the Consiglio Nazionale Geometri e Geometri Laureati (C.N.G. e G.L.).

Skema and sound correction

During the meetings of Infoprogetto, the professionals present will know in detail the Skema reality and its solutions aimed at improving the residential well-being that, to be obtained, according to the Skema philosophy there must involve all five senses in the design.

The protagonist of the meetings will be Akustika, the system of sound-absorbing panels based on Helmholtz resonators that is part of Vertical, the Skema line dedicated to wall and ceiling coating both for the purely decorative purpose and as a useful tool for the sound correction.

Akustika, which is suitable also for the covering of the furnishing elements, is accompanied by an in-depth study of the distribution of sound in the environment. Its versatility in providing an effective solution for sound correction is also given by the possibility of being applied with dry or compartment mounting systems and a infinite range of decorations from melamine, wood, varnished, to Fenix, etc.

The theme of acoustic well-being, always dear to Skema, will be presented starting from the concepts of Building Acoustics VS Architectural Acoustics, the theme of sound propagation, the definition of noise and its negative impact on productivity in public spaces.

To know in detail this interesting topic related to the new building approaches, Skema invites you to participate in the nearest training meeting, remembering that participation is free and open to all.