The new Skema 2020 divisions

A new organizational structure of Skema's solutions is already the reality that is told above all through the new product lists.






The new divisions in which Skema products are and will be organised from 2020. 

A division that goes beyond the restyling and rationalisation of the lines and that has been defined to fully embrace the company's new evolutionary philosophy, where the material is a means, but the shape and finish tend to achieve the best results and respond to specific interior design needs.
These divisions already foresee the introduction, in the near future, of other innovative and original solutions, aimed at improving living wellbeing.


The collector of all floor and wall coverings with technological performance characteristics, in various materials: laminates, synthetics, compounds, complete with related aesthetic and functional accessories, such as profiles, skirting boards and subfloors.

All Skema's technological research is gathered here, with targeted products for specific solutions such as: low thickness, quick dry laying, water resistance, resistance to high foot traffic or resistance to scratches and impacts.

Today, the Sistema project includes Living laminates, Sintesy resilient laminates and Lumbertech and Evertech technological woods.


The world of wood in its purity and authenticity is now collected in Organica. A collector that allows you to group and then easily choose all the vertical floors and coverings, originating exclusively from organic wood material.

Organica highlights the most versatile and noblest material, whose transversality allows to create always new projects, while respecting the most classic paradigms. Here today we find the entire Oximoro line, both industrial and customizable.


All the proposals dedicated to the outdoor world today are in Patio, it is here that we find the floors and coverings for the outdoors, which today are expressed in the Outside line, through the decking in WPC (wood and polymer compound). 

But Patio is also the collector of all future proposals that will include components for surfaces, shading, sunshades and outdoor spaces.


The project is dedicated to the well-being and acoustic correction of indoor environments with walls and soundproofing and soundproofing elements. 

Also Sonora looks to the future and if today here lies mainly the whole Vertical proposal, tomorrow here we will find different and complementary solutions to the rigid systems, which will include new materials, such as bacteriostatic and removable textiles; integrated with lighting and useful for the partitioning of interpesonal spaces.

A perspective in harmony with the company optics, where the material is used at the service of the solution to be obtained.


Skema Idea is the incubator and accelerator of ideas. The most conceptual and revolutionary area of Skema where the most advanced research is carried out. Here projects, innovations in product design, environments and technologies find fertile ground to grow and develop.

Skema Idea is the creative laboratory from which the most ambitious and revolutionary projects will emerge, projected into a new corporate dimension that sees the contribution of important names in contemporary interior design.


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