The 2020 calendar with the dates of Skema at Infoprogetto

For the third consecutive year Skema participates in the Infoprogetto format. 6 planned stages in which our company will take part.

Infoprogetto, is a free travelling event that touches the main Italian cities, born to offer accredited training meetings to architects, engineers and surveyors and recognized by their respective registers. 

During the events, industry experts and companies present successful case studies, new technologies and innovative construction solutions, it is in this context that Skema participates, proposing a different theme every year and that in 2019 has bring the award for the most innovative product in many editions.

Skema 2020 dates

The dates set to meet Skema in the Infoprogetto 2020 edition are as follows: 

Milan, 26th March 2020

Padua, 07th May 2020

Milan, 18th June 2020

Udine, 30th June 2020

Bologna, 22nd October 2020

Rome, 24th November 2020

For registrations you can consult the Infoprogetto website next to each event, or follow the social netweorks and the news section of Skema's website, where all updates on individual dates and any changes to the calendar will be published.

The 2020 theme of Skema at Infoproject

The theme that Skema will bring to Infoprogetto 2020 will be expressed through technological products and their innovations. Emphasis will be placed on the solutions that can be achieved with Skema's products, ambassadors of the company's values, summarized in the concept of well-being

Living well-being, understood as an improvement in the comfort of the environment and healthiness. 

Environmental well-being, thanks to certified production processes and products that reduce installation's and energy's costs.

Customer well-being, which passes through assistance in the choice process and it is in this area that Skema is recognised as the reference point for a complete and complex system of technological products that simplify the decision-making and construction process.





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