Skema tells its story with the new corporate video

Visible on all web platforms of the company, the video tells the new corporate vision.

If at the base of all Skema activities there is always the concept of innovation, today the main theme focuses on the evolutionary phase of the company, which goes beyond the material and where its possibilities of use are expanded, to meet the needs of interior design. A vision that anticipates the introduction of innovative and original solutions, aimed at improving living wellbeing.

The video covers all the key points of Skema's identity, through its spaces dedicated to training, knowledge, research, production and customer service optimization. Everything comes from wood and leads today to an experiential and interactive path of choice, to advanced solutions that also pass through digital and dematerialization. 

How the Skema corporate video was born

The video comes from the creative support of our Art Director, the architect Franco Driusso, and from the idea of the videomaker and artist Mauro Lovisetto, who explains how he developed the story in images of Skema's identity.

"From the first meeting, I perceived Skema as an innovative company with a strong personality. The same structure that houses the company headquarters has a strong architectural style, with great impact, attention to detail and that clearly translates the company vision. For Skema I thought of a corporate video with tight editing, fragmented images alternating with slow movements to give dynamism, care in the composition of the frames to enhance the architectural lines of the building. A path studded with graphic and infographic elements that guide the viewer along the narration.
A language, in essence, that represents an evolution compared to normal corporate videos, more contemporary and more digitally oriented".

where you can watch the video:


Skema web site


Mauro Lovisetto 

Videomaker and video artist from Italy, since 1995 he collaborates with major international record companies such as Universal Music and Sony music creating video clips and artworks for major Italian artists including Vasco Rossi, Tiziano Ferro and Giorgia.
He collaborates with the main communication agencies of the territory producing videos for companies such as Diesel, Manfrotto, Lotto, Caractère, Giusti Wines and many others.

Franco Driusso

Co-founder of DriussoAssociati | Architects, based in Mestre Venezia, operates internationally in the fields of Brand Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Retail Design and Interiors. Numerous are the collaborations with important companies and industrial groups for which, in addition to Art Direction for the coordination of the image, it designs products, showrooms, stores and new headquarters.
He has received numerous international awards and recognitions in the field of Design and Architecture including the prestigious Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the Interior Innovation Award, the Design Preis Deutschland Award of the German Design Council, the Honourable Mention at the XXV Compasso d'Oro ADI 2018 and the 100 Eccellenze Italiane Award at Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome.



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