Skema 2020 autumn dates at Infoprogetto

It is a special new start that awaits us at the beginning of autumn 2020 and that is why, with even more pleasure, we are happy to update you on the Skema appointments with Infoprogetto.
By the end of 2020 we will be busy with two important dates with Infoprogetto: Rome and Milan.
See you therefore on the following dates:


Date: 23 settembre 2020
Location: Holiday Inn Rome – EUR Parco dei Medici
Address: Viale Castello della Magliana, 65 – Roma
Timetable: 8.30 – 17.30


Date: 2 dicembre 2020
Location: Palazzo delle Stelline
Address: Corso Magenta, 61 – Milano
Timetable: 8.30 – 17.30
Participation is free and accredited, but places are limited and online registration is necessary.
The Skema appointments with Infoprogetto will continue in 2021 with many dates throughout Italy.

Skema Themes

The theme that Skema will bring to these two dates Infoprogetto 2020 focuses on the solutions that can be achieved with Skema products, ambassadors of the company's values, summarized in the concept of wellness. 
  • Living wellbeing, for the improvement of the comfort of the rooms and healthiness. 
  • Environmental wellbeing, reducing environmental costs thanks to certified production processes and products.
  • Customer wellbeing, through assistance in the choice process.
In addition, some key elements of the great Skema.idea project will be introduced, giving the market a new vision of surfaces and innovative application ideas.

Skema.idea - New ways of thinking spaces

In this new brand Skema, projects and innovations for the design of products, environments and technologies find fertile ground to grow and develop. Skema.idea is the creative laboratory from which the most ambitious projects come out. Here are collected all the proposals that expand the simple use of material to enter the interior design field. Starting from SkemaTheca, which develops the typological installation system for customers, to go through furnishing components such as Skinì, Gyros, Talea, Trametes and Yles.


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