The line of tecnologic wood floors that combines wood powder (patented) with wood planks, making them more resistant to shocks, is now called Lumbertech and is characterized by an even more natural effect to the touch and to the eye, so that its wooden core is purely authentic and its reference to nature and raw material is respected. A significant change for the former Lindura: in addition to a renewal of the available finishes, the surface has been structured with a deeper brushing, which highlights the grain of the wood. Lumbertech comes in two sizes with different finishes, oil or varnish; for the latter, a zero gloss varnish has also been introduced, with a matt effect with a natural rendering that leaves the original appearance unchanged, equal to the performance of the oil finishes. All this to reveal the pure and strong soul of reinterpreted wood a true revolution in classic parquet and a solution with a romantic look but with an ultra-technological heart.


Can the warm floor be as resistant as stone and replicate its aesthetics? Skema's answer lies in Evertech, which combines the beauty of trendy materials such as stone, concrete and metal with the elasticity and lightness of wood. Evertech is the evolution of Nadura, the Skema proposal born a few years ago and the result of an exclusive patent that combines a wood powder zzcompound with melamine resin catalyzed by steam, which has allowed to bring on low thickness a resistance to shocks and scratches never found in hot floors. Today, this technological floor has been equipped with substantial innovations that make it even more performing, such as the shallower bevel, but also new colors and nuances that expand the offer. The surfaces harmonize with modern resin trends but also the pore wood declined in large and modern staves with concrete colors rather than bistro. Finally, a new categorisation of surface finishes is introduced, which is easier to consult and identify.


Le texture, i colori e le finiture che hanno dato vita alle linee in Wood Powder di Skema sono ancora disponibili fino ad esaurimento scorte. Scopri i decorativi Nadura e Lindura che puoi trovare nell'Outlet.


FORMAT: 853x395x10,5 / 2600x270x10,5 mm


Il pavimento Evertech è l'evoluzione potenziata nelle prestazioni, nella tecnologia e nelle finiture di Nadura, il composto di polvere di legno e resina melamminica che ha unito la flessibilità del legno alla compattezza e resistenza della pietra. Grazie al brevetto Wood Powder, risulta ultra performante e resistente al calpestio e agli urti, con uno spessore ridotto. Evertech è un nuovo concetto di pavimento, totalmente riciclabile, colorato in massa e strutturato in superficie, disponibile in più texture e colori che replicano anche al tatto gli elementi come la roccia, il cemento o il metallo. Può essere posato anche totalmente incollato previo l'utilizzo di un sistema di incollaggio idoneo (chiedere scheda tecnica).

Evertech flooring is the enhanced evolution in performance, technology and finishes of Nadura, the compound of wood dust and melamine resin that has combined the flexibility of wood with the compactness and strength of stone. Thanks to the Wood Powder patent, it is ultra-performing and resistant to footfall and impact, with a reduced thickness. Evertech is a new concept of flooring, totally recyclable, mass-coloured and structured on the surface, available in a variety of textures and colours that replicate elements such as rock, cement or metal to the touch. 

FORMAT: 2200x270x11 mm


Lumbertech is made without the use of glues or adhesives, it is pure material that melts and creates a warm and welcoming floor but also ultra resistant to impact and wear. A structured wood floor, to be laid even in spaces hitherto prohibitive, with excellent performance of fire reactions, low thickness and large dimensions. Lumbertech in the matt varnished finish allows to have a natural effect, which does not alter the original appearance of the wood, combined with the protection of the varnish. 

FORMAT: 2600x320x11 / 2200x270x11 mm


Lumbertech is the evolution of the Lindura line, which presents itself with new features that are even more natural to the touch and to the eye. Lumbertech combines the natural wood dashboard with the Wood Powder, the patented compound of wood dust and resin that penetrates the pores and creates a real wood floor but more resistant. The version with oiled surface finish highlights even more the natural colour of the wood and is available in two sizes (2600x320x11mm and 2200x270x11mm). 

FORMAT: 853x395x10,5 mm FORMAT NERO DUCATI RADIS: 2600X270X10,5 mm


Le Wood Powder au meilleur de sa forme. Complètement massif, avec des empreintes et des traces sur la surface qui expriment sa tridimensionnalité. Les couleurs viennent de la NATURE et sont traitées avec sagesse technologique afin d'obtenir une nouvelle surface DURABLE. 

FORMAT: 2600x320x11 mm


Il s'agit du premier sol en vrai bois stratifié qui n'utilise pas de colle mais qui se combine avec le Wood Powder, matrice du bois Nadura, pour devenir un bois structuré ayant une plus haute résistance à l'usure et aux chocs avec d'excellentes performances de réaction au feu (classe Bfl) ; il est donc indiqué pour tout type d'espace public. 

FORMAT: 2200x270x11 mm


È il primo vero pavimento in legno laminato che non utilizza colla ma si combina con Wood Powder, matrice di legno Nadura, per diventare un legno strutturato con una maggiore resistenza all'usura e agli urti con eccellente reazione al fuoco (classe Bfl); è quindi adatto a qualsiasi tipo di spazio pubblico.