Osimana's experience with SKEMAtheca

In the Marche region, Osimana Battiscopa has decided to revolutionise its sales approach by becoming a SKEMAtheca Project partner.

Our retailer has been a specialist in warm surfaces: parquet, laminates and synthetics for no less than 35 years. It is a family-run business, involving two generations and working in the respect of craftsmanship with energy and a marked innovative approach.

In its path of business growth Osimana was among the first Skema retailers to embrace the retail philosophy of SKEMAtheca.


SKEMAtheca represents the digitised evolution and cutting-edge version of modern sales systems. A project based on the customer's sensory experience and on the combination of digital and tactile.
SKEMAtheca responds to all three sales moments: experientiality, design and digital language. It thus becomes much more than a tool to support sales, proving to be a means through which to undertake an experience in which to acquire design and style awareness.


To find out more about Osimana and its experience with SKEMAtheca, we interviewed Andrea Morroni, one of the owners of the company, here is what he told us.

- How is your showroom structured today?

Our showroom, which was renovated in 2020, now has a display area of 80 square metres, more than half of which is dedicated to Skema products. Here we only deal with warm surfaces, from the more traditional wood, solid or pre-finished, to technological solutions such as laminate and synthetic flooring, as well as skirting boards and the accessories needed for laying.
We have a strategic location, in Osimo in the province of Ancona, on the main road and a few kilometres from the motorway, very visible and easy to reach.

- What is your sales approach and what services do you offer the customer?

Ours is a customer advisory and assistance service, not just sales and installation. Our training allows us to help customers from the first moment, in the showroom, where they can see and choose the most suitable solutions, right up to installation, where we take care of the installation of the products sold, including on-site surveys and, of course, any advice after the work has been completed.

- What are the most popular Skema products in your area?

At the moment, the most popular Skema product in our area is Star.K, a truly excellent product in terms of its design, which is very versatile and practical.

- Your opinion of SKEMAtheca and the reasons why you chose it.

We adopted the SKEMAtheca Project because of its great potential and to offer the customer a clearer solution for the choice of materials, to give complete answers to the questions we are asked and above all to give a global and integrated vision of the potential result.
We believed in this solution right from the start, as soon as it was presented to us, and the results were immediately visible. All of our customers who have had the opportunity to try out SKEMAtheca have been satisfied, and some have been very enthusiastic, even though the various restrictions and stoppages due to COVID-19 have not yet allowed us to exploit its full functionality.
Today, our goal is to hold meetings with small groups of architects, together with the Skema agents who follow us, in order to start a path in which to introduce the SKEMA world through SKEMAtheca.

To close, we offer a short gallery of the achievements by Osimana Parquet with the use of Skema products.

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