The Marina Pacto lined pool

An above-ground swimming pool lined with Marina Pacto Panarea becomes a perfect relaxing corner in the home garden.

In this project, the versatility of WPC Marina Pacto was used to cover an above-ground swimming pool. The owner had a metal structure made to support the WPC covering from SKEMA's Outside line. To complete the project, our technical department developed the layout of the Marina Pacto, which, with its 100 square metres of surface area, covered the walls, steps and poolside, creating a perfect corner of peace and well-being for this private garden.

Outside Marina Pacto Panarea 

The decision to cover all the visible parts of the above-ground pool with Marina Pacto Panarea is no accident. The characteristics of this WCP meet a number of outdoor needs such as safety, practicality and aesthetic impact.
Made from environmentally sustainable materials, Marina Pacto is characterised by its solid structure and wood effect.
A WPC surface created with wood from a controlled supply chain and recycled PET, to which the solid structure lends strength and solidity, ideal for creating steps, terraces, decks and, of course, scenic pool edges. The wood-effect surface finish recalls the nature and appeal of traditional wood decking, but uses technology to make it easy to clean and more resistant to weathering. 
The light grain is emphasised by the large format, 2900x150x200mm, and by the intense, warm colour of the Panarea decking, the last of the proposals with which Marina Pacto presents itself on the market.

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