Showrooms and hotels with Sintesy Star.KS

Sintesy Star.KS in Marsiglia décor is the protagonist of two beautiful projects, a showroom in Paris and a hotel on Lake Charzykowskie in Poland.

Two environments united by high footfall but which did not want to renounce the timeless elegance of herringbone laying. Thanks to Star.KS, it was possible to combine the refined aesthetics of this pattern with the practicality of SPC technology.

Sintesy Star.KS Marsiglia

Sintesy Star.KS Marsiglia is the décor that offers the French herringbone in raw oak tones. In addition to the pattern, it is characterised by the end-less effect of the planks. The synchronised pattern simplifies laying and creates an effect of continuity where the planks follow each other without a break. 
Star.KS is an SPC vinyl floor covering and as such is resistant to water and trampling. like all Sintesy proposals, it is made of recyclable materials, is phthalate-free and has A+ certification attesting to the high quality and healthiness of its compounds.

In Paris, the Bonaldo interior showroom 

In the heart of the French capital, in a charming inner courtyard is Agence PCM. 180 m2, where 10 international brands specialised in the world of interior design are displayed, a B2B showroom designed exclusively to welcome professionals in the sector. 
In this area, the space dedicated to the Bonaldo Spa company has been renovated and covered with Sintesy Star.KS Marsiglia, a choice in perfect harmony with the refined and exclusive style of this brand.
Bonaldo is an Italian company with an international outlook that reinterprets the contemporary home with a wide range of possibilities: tables and chairs, armchairs and sofas, beds, lighting and accessories offer answers to all functional layouts. Here, each piece communicates and interacts, creating aesthetic intimacy and emotional comfort.

Project detail Showroom Bonaldo

Product applied: STAR.KS


Project:  BONALDO S.P.A.

Environment:  SHOWROOM


Customer:  Agence PCM - Bonaldo Studio

Photo: Nicolas Certelli

In Poland, the lake view hotel

Villa Otton is a hotel overlooking the large Charzykowskie Lake in northern Poland, an ideal area for hiking and cycling, but also for water sports such as sailing.
Just a few steps away from the lakeside beach, equipped with all the comforts to enjoy days outdoors, the hotel recently renovated its relaxation area, laying the SPC Star.KS Marsiglia on the ground. The result is a corner of well-being and peace in which guests can find refreshment on their return from various excursions, gazing at the tranquil lake panorama through the large windows. The renovation project was supervised by our Polish partner Bel-Pol in cooperation with Eurostandard. Using Star.KS made it possible to combine the classic and cosy style of the herringbone floor with the needs of a public space, which must be durable and practical.

Project detail Villa Otton

Product applied: STAR.KS



Environment: HOTEL

Location: Charzykowy, Poland


Photo: Daniel Frymark

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