The new Skema spaces

The dynamism with which Skema distinguishes itself in the marketplace can also be seen in its headquarters.

From Skema's creative forge, innovation and the many new solutions apply not only to the products but also to the working spaces of the headquarters in the province of Treviso.

The latest revolution has seen an entire floor of the building renovated in style and use, as well as new exhibition spaces that have welcomed SKEMAidea's evolutionary design.

On the top floor, new offices and rooms have found their place in an environment that favours natural light and a mixture of materials. Metal, wood and, of course, Skema products have given the rooms a modern, fresh and welcoming style.

In the area dedicated to Skema Workshops, a new corner has been created, Officina@Yles, entirely dedicated to SKEMAidea wood and its 7 designs with which to cover surfaces. While Officina@Patio and Officina@Technology are enriched and show, in all their technological beauty, the SKEMAidea Trametes and Skinì solutions.

The renewal of the spaces does not stop here, many rooms are still being transformed in these weeks, in view of the many autumn appointments that await us: open days, events and Weki meetings are already scheduled from September.

In short, everything is ready to welcome you and to try to amaze you once again, for a new season full of revolutionary novelties.

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