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Skema themes and projects for 2021

At the beginning of the year it is customary for Skema to give some advance notice of the projects and initiatives that the company will be developing in the coming months. And even though this 2021 begins with the uncertainty that has characterised the past months, our company looks to the future with optimism and with the right tools to deal with any off-plans.

What will Skema's 2021 themes be?

Experientiality, evolutionary design, 3D, interconnectivity and wood.

These could be the main keywords that summarise the main themes for Skema, and which are translated into SKEMAIdea, SKEMATheca, into WEKI@Air and into the many wood proposals, which are not only in the Oximoro line, but also in Lumbertech and in the Living - "made of wood" laminates.

The first training courses have already begun, and with the first WEKI@Air of the year we are resuming our activity dedicated to product and market knowledge. The meetings are held online, according to a formula that is now well established, while we wait to resume live meetings.

SKEMAIdea the real, big 2021 theme. A reality that is revealing itself day by day, a space that gives space to surfaces, making them 3D and bringing them into the world of evolutionary design.

SKEMATheca where purchasing becomes knowledge, which in turn becomes a living experience, thanks to the interconnection between materials and digitalisation. 

Wood with Yles and the renewed Oximoro line, as the standard-bearer of a philosophy of furnishing with creativity and ecological awareness. 

We will be encountering all these themes over the course of the year, for now thanks to digital technologies, while waiting for spring to allow us to meet live again and with it the big events.



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