Skema tells his story to Business24 TV

Skema and evolutionary design were the protagonists of episode 829 of Pole Position, the show that tells the success stories of Italian companies and that is broadcast on Business24 - the TV of work, visible on Sky and in streaming.

Skema's ambassador was our Marketing and Product Manager Raffaele Ferrara who, interviewed in the studio by Anna Falchi, was able to provide a timely and comprehensive overview of Skema's history, its future and its core business.

In addition to talking about the many innovative solutions for surface coverings that Skema has been offering since its inception, the conversation also turned to the new SKEMAIdea division, created in collaboration with art director Franco Driusso, whose objective is to launch solutions with an evolutionary design. A product design that does not stop at the object but that focuses on the person who uses it and evolves together with his needs of use.

Another theme touched on are the patented Lumbertech and Evertech products and the Good Design, the international award won by SKEMATheca, the interactive and multi-sensory sales system, the meeting point between Skema's history and its future.

This mosaic of successes, goals and innovations is all recounted in the interview, which can also be viewed on Skema's YouTube channel.

Enjoy the interview



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