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Lumbertech Black Form in the Febal Casa showroom

In the Febal Casa Brera showroom, 150sqm of a very elegant Lumbertech floor in the colour Black Form was laid.

Lumbertech is the ideal engineered wood floor for public areas, such as stores, hotels, restaurants and exhibition spaces, thanks to its resistance to scratches and impacts, combined with the natural beauty of its wood planks.

This wooden floor, strengthened in the structure by the wood powder, once again demonstrated its qualities in the Febal Casa showroom in Milan, in the classy Brera district, in via Fatebenefratelli, 18.

The large Febal Casa showroom was conceived to illustrate the company's Total Living concept, with the dual function of a place dedicated to welcoming customers and a working environment for architects and professionals in the sector. It is not only a furniture exhibition space, but also a technical area in which to touch all the materials and find design assistance.

The environment respects the character of the brand and reflects the metropolitan atmosphere of the city of Milan, characterized by dynamism and refined style.

Lumbertech Black Form is the frame of this painting with a cosmopolitan flavor. The dark tones of the surface highlight the settings and give a modern tone to the environment. All in the maximum functionality of a floor that resists impact and wear, a wooden floor perfect for places with high footfall.

Lumbertech Black Form details

Line: Lumbertech
Colour: Black Form 
Finishes: Oil
Style: Nature
Size: 2200x270x11 mm
Dovetail: TLS
Fire reaction: Bfl-s1
Floor heating: suitable
Certifications: PEFC e CARB


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