SKEMAidea: when IDEAS evolve

The principles of exterior design and interior architecture have been mixed in recent years and it is in this way that two-dimensional surfaces and furnishing elements are interconnected through Evolutionary Design. This concept of interconnection between apparently different elements, for Skema today is expressed in SKEMAidea.

A new reality that acts as a collector of IDEAS and innovative projects, where a common thread connects floors and walls with furnishing and interior design elements. 

SKEMAidea expresses all the creative and innovative potential of Skema, which has always seen its products much more connected to the world of furnishing than to the purely building sector. This is where new products such as Yles the redesigned floor, and Trametes, the soft, enveloping and removable acoustic correction system, are born, examples of how to start from the surface to the furniture. And again Skinì the architectural screen, or Mimesis/Gyros the surfaces that make Coffee Table and Talea the mix between surfaces, soundproofing and furnishing. All very evocative names, inspired by concepts of Greek philosophy, a world where IDEAS were a cornerstone of cultural and design development.

In SKEMAIdea we move away from the classic concept of two-dimensional surfaces, the rules change to obtain different compositions from the same single material and the single shape, which is recomposed in many new developments. All this while maintaining the value of Skema solutions, where technicality and engineering allow for very high performance, while maintaining a formal appearance that recalls simple, natural shapes.

All this is possible thanks to the interconnection between different areas, in a continuum that starts from nature, the first source of inspiration, to arrive at the concrete project.
An extremely dynamic succession of ideas and design developments.

To immerse yourself in the soul of SKEMAidea, you can travel through the Technological Forest, an installation that expresses the concept of evolutionary design and is a demonstration of how all the individual products made, in reality, are enclosed in a single message and that, like the trees in a forest, they are all interconnected with each other.

Watch the dedicated video and explore the Technological Forest with us.

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