Enjoying the Marina Real even in winter

Outdoor is a space that must be enhanced in all seasons, with the right material you can design outdoor spaces always beautiful and liveable 365 days a year.
This is the case of Marina Real of the Skema Outside collection, which is often used successfully by the pool, but also on terraces, stalls, gardens and even vertically, as a covering for the external walls.
In the shots that we propose today you can see Marina Real laid in different realizations, beautiful and to be exploited even in the coldest months.

Decking that does not fear the bad weather

The advent of Marina Real on the market has been a great revolution because, thanks to its structure, this co-extruded WPC born from the fusion at very high temperature of wood fibers and polyethylene, meets the need to have a coating for outdoor extremely weatherproof, durable over the years and with an ultra natural aesthetic performance.
Marina Real is a waterproof and scratch-resistant decking, easy to clean and requires very low maintenance because it does not absorb residues or liquids. The polyethylene shield protects the decking from the formation of mold and deterioration, the color remains unchanged over the years, all this means that no maintenance or repair operations are necessary.
Added to this there is an aesthetic designed to be very natural, which highlights the veins and flames of the various essences reproduced in planks of 2900x143x22.5 mm format.
All this makes Marina Real an extremely versatile WPC decking, capable of being used in creative and ambitious projects, enjoyable in every season of the year.

Outdoor private house in Marina Real Teak Ossidato by MSC Home Design


Terrace sea view private house in Marina Real Frassino Ibiza by MSC Home Design

Outdoor wall covering for private house with Marina Real Massaranduba by Zanutta Spa di Padova

Patio private house with Marina Real Teak Ossidato by Condor Pavimenti



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