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The new Skema photovoltaic system is active today and we are happy to show you some photos of our new technological roof in appearance and functions.

This further step towards the optimization of energy management is just one of the many goals that are part of a company policy that aims at a path of constant growth and improvement in terms of environmental protection and eco-sustainability.

Panoramica dell'impianto fotovoltaico oggi in funzione

The most relevant technical data

The newly installed photovoltaic system consists of modular panels in polycrystal, the panels are located on a total area of 4,600 square meters and is expected to produce an autonomy of 240,000 kWh / year with a contribution to the reduction of emissions of 80 tCO2eq.

Foto scattate durante l'installazione avvenuta in questi mesi 

The green road of Skema

A path that Skema started with obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental certification and continuing over time. The goal is that respect for environmental resources is an integral part of the corporate culture, which means optimizing all aspects, from management to production, which affect the Skema world.
It is not just a matter of having an internal work process that is coherent with a green philosophy, but also of succeeding in spreading to the reference market an increasingly strong sensitivity towards the resources that the environment gives us and making people understand the great value that they bring with them all products made in respect of the environment.

True, the environmental theme is very fashionable, but Skema does not just want to talk about it, it wants to be concrete and demonstrate that step by step it is getting closer and closer to a model of virtuous business management, even from an environmental point of view.


The main stages of the green politics of Skema

The installation of these photovoltaic panels that makes us independent from an energy point of view, and which we are proud of, adds to the company's already consolidated process of using only energy derived from renewable sources, also attested by the Greener certification, obtained in 2016 .

The other elements of this green necklace are:
• the aforementioned ISO 14001 certification, an international standard with voluntary adhesion, which requires an in-depth knowledge of environmental aspects and the application and maintenance of the activities and procedures envisaged by the established requirements.
• the PEFC brand, obtained in 2016 and certifying the use of wood from forests managed according to ecologically sustainable criteria.
• the FSC certification obtained from 2013 that testifies the use for the creation of wood products coming from responsibly managed forests according to the strict environmental, social and economic standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.


The environmental objectives of Skema

As described in more detail in the document on the Skema Quality and Environment Policy, the company has set itself a series of objectives such as:
• continuous improvement of products from the technical, ecological, environmental sustainability and low VOC emissions;
• compliance with current laws on safety and environmental impact and all other mandatory regulations affecting the company;
• the orientation of the company culture to a production process that respects the environment, which in practice results, for example, in the use of ecological materials and renewable resources, or in the reduction and differentiation of waste and waste produced.

A path that involves everyone and everyone is aware of how important it is to prevent pollution by minimizing any negative impact on the environment.