Tea, biscuits and design. Skema meetings are becoming increasingly original and varied.

The Skema tour dedicated to training and knowledge of technological surfaces continues throughout the year. The last meetings have brought our Daniele Ferraiuolo between Puglia and Campania in three very different situations for each subject treated and public.

A tea with the architects in the spaces of Quartarella in Altamura, the meeting with the technicians of the sector to talk about laminates and synthetics in Caserta at Nuzzo Colori and finally, at Ceramiche Orion in Mola di Bari to raise awareness of all Oximoro parquet 's qualities.

At tea time with Quartarella 

On November the 13th we were the moderators of a round table, in the true sense of the word, laden with sweets and ... design. Guests in the prestigious showroom of the partner company in the province of Bari, we were able to inaugurate a series of meetings organized by Quartarella, between companies and architects, entitled "At tea time".
A very original format that, in front of a cup of tea and biscuits, has allowed us to deepen the issues dear to us with a group of architects, in an extremely informal and very spontaneous athmophere, leaving room for debate and exchange of opinions and curiosity.
There were two hours of pleasant conviviality in which we talked about the furnishing solutions that Skema offers today, the big renewed world of the Sintesy resilient floors and the exclusive *Nadura and *Lindura.

At Nuzzo Colori between tecnique and practice

In Campania, our lap was Nuzzo Colori. We expect a highly trained public, technicians, installers and applicators, combining theory with a lot of practice and knows the world of construction. But among them there were those who still did not know Skema and its surfaces, so we had the opportunity to present all our solutions that stand out for their high level of technology. The focus of our meeting was the laminate floors, the entire Living line, the pulsing heart and historical Skema flag-bearer, and the Sintesy line, where each range represents a true concentration of the latest generation technology in the field of surfaces.

Knowing Oximoro and wood qualities

The last meeting took us in Puglia in the workplaces of the important reality Ceramiche Orion. Here the central theme of the meeting was the Oximoro line and the qualities of the wooden floors.
The parquet has always been considered a prestigious floor, a classic for many loved and requested for its aesthetic appearance and its authenticity. In this meeting we deepened the matter, starting from the classification of the aesthetic aspect, the differences between rustic and selected,up to the advice on laying, having a floor in a workmanlike manner, avoiding moisture and scratches, and learning the procedures that keep the parquet beautiful over the time.

What is clear after each of our meetings is that we never stop learning. We are always very grateful to those who organize these events and those who participate in their spaces, because together we can learn and deepen the great theme of the surfaces, linked to the world of interior design, and together we increase our skills.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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