Skema materials are now included in the raumPROBE materioteca

Introduced by our partner  Via Nobile, - a real interior design expert to rely on for the design of the spaces and where you can find the best of Italian style, also in Germany - we were the protagonists of an evening in Stuttgart in the raumPROBE spaces.

To inaugurate in the best way the insertion of Skema materials in the largest permanent materiotecaa training workshop was organized where our export manager, Ivan Piccolo, explained the Skema philosophy and the selected products.
The two architects Tobias Bochmann and Thorsten Blatter who spoke during the evening, dealt with the theme of new housing and architectural concepts for the social sphere.

raumPROBE where to see and touch more than 50.000 materials

Being included in the raumPROBE materioteca is very significant. Actually it's a project born in Germany over 10 years ago with the aim of providing samples of claddings, materials and finishes to architects, interior designers and builders.

Today this archive has more than 50,000 samples of materials from companies located around the world and also available online thanks to the digitization of the material.

The size and variety of samples makes it a real center of interest for the building industry and for interior design, as well as becoming a center where producers and designers can meet and get to know each other.
In its spaces are constantly held training meetings, updates or simple advice to discover new materials, explore issues related to construction and furniture.

During the presentation of the approach to the market and Skema solutions, the attention of the public, made up of more than 60 architects, was very high, in particular it hit the Skema proposal that is not focused on the product, but on giving concrete design solutions.

Skema deals with different materials to propose covering systems and every year implements this offer with specific technical products, such as the news introduced in 2018: resilient with Star.K and Fit.Lay and outdoor floors in WPC Marina Real, materials that are now fully included in the large raumPROBE materioteca.

The interview to raumPROBE director

During the meeting we had the pleasure to interview the architect Joachim Stumpp, executive director of raumPROBE. With him we have deepened our knowledge of this reality and the themes that unite it to Skema's values.

What role does raumPROBE play today in the world of architecture and interior design?

raumPROBE sees itself as a link between material manufacturers and planners in the fields of architecture and interior design. The role of raumPROBE is to connect and impart knowledge. materialEXHIBITION and materialdatabase serve the designers as inspiration and information in order to be able to generate the right materials for the respective project.

The computerization of your archives has been a crucial choice today, what scenarios do you expect for the future?

Digitization will continue to play a decisive role in the future, because the knowledge will not only be stored digitally, but in the future we will use the database to research, but also to work actively: create material collages, create and store your own materials, and much more. raumPROBE will evolve from the database to the server-based application. Nevertheless, a selection of materials will always take place haptically. We are convinced that the physical exhibition will continue to be important in the future, or even more important in a purely digital world. raumPROBE is, so to speak, digitana = digital + analougous and connects both worlds.

What is the relationship between the raumPROBE institution and the eligible companies?

For over 13 years raumPROBE has built up an enormous network in the construction industry - industry, design and architecture, research and associations. This network enables us to arrange contacts in any direction, so that we can perfectly network and satisfy both customers. Thus, the more intensively a company uses us, the more successful is the relationship between us and the companies. Over time, after long-term partnerships, friendships emerge, because everyone benefits from the win-win concept of raumPROBE.

What are the fundamental criteria that allow a company to be welcomed into the company?

The main criterion is: the materials must be available and approved for the German market, so that planners who are interested in a material can dispose of it as quickly as possible. Apart from these basic conditions, the materials must fit in with our planners and architecs, who come mainly from the objectarea and special housing. Also we do not try to win every woodworking company for our materialWELT - our focus is on the most comprehensive and all-encompassing selection of materials possible, whether traditional or innovative, so that every planner can leave his personal mark and at the same time respond to customer wishes.

Skema is linked to the concept of moodboard, a tool that helps in the design but also a way of conceiving spaces, raumPROBE in a way is a gigantic moodboard, do you agree? If so, how do you interpret this concept?

We do agree. Materials are an essential tool for every planner to realize his projects and to materialize his design. A material must be understood in the truest sense of the word. So, moodboards and patterns - no matter how digital the world becomes - are and will always be essential and relevant. And this is how our customers see raumPROBE: as a relevant source of information and knowledge.


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