Skema at the University of Ferrara to explain materials to the future architects


"One day is never wasted if you use it to learn something new."

At the University of Ferrara, today's and tomorrow's architects are following a workshop that unites companies and universities. The meeting entitled 3S: Secco, Sostenibile, Sensibile sees Skema as one of the "teachers for a day" with two other companies operating in the construction sector, Alubel and CMF Greentech.
The aim is to make the students of the last year of the Faculty of Architecture and the architects enrolled to approach to the most innovative materials applicable in the construction field, to design spaces that consider the needs of  the man and also those of the environment. At the end of these days, alternating lectures and laboratory activities, the students - architects - have as their mission to present the project of a multifunctional building complex that allows people with disabilities to live in a self-sufficient way inside it. To do this they will have to apply the new knowledge learned during the meetings with the companies.


Why 3S

Dry, sustainable and sensitive are the three adjectives that define these formative days, values that are imposing on the construction methods of today.

Dry as the type of construction and installation that increasingly in the world is emerging and that finally in Italy is also taken as an example of application method with numerous advantages in economic terms but above all practical and environmental.

Sustainable is the value that contemporary architecture must have, designers look at the future and in this panorama the environmental impact of materials and energy used must always be calculated. It is not only a regulatory obligation but above all a moral obligation.

Sensitive to human factors. Architecture is a discipline created to meet the needs of man, to live the space in the best possible way. Knowing what living comfort means and therefore knowing how to create it is a fundamental principle to know how to build environments.

Technological development of materials

There is a reason that unites Skema, Alubel and CMF Greentech and for which they were called to explain their construction systems. All three are companies that identify themselves in the technological development of materials. The first meeting with architecture students was focused on the topic of new materials created to satisfy specific performances. With this in mind, Skema chose to take *Lindura, *Nadura and Flex as an example. Three types of product that are a concentrate of applied research, composed of materials that give the surfaces more rapidity of installation, more practicality in use and maintenance, more application scenarios. Products that meet the three requirements: dry laying, environmental sustainability and sensitivity to human factors, thus improving living well-being.

Living well-being

The study of new materials and their application in community architectural projects puts the accent precisely on a concept that Skema has always represented: the living well-being. Because of its importance, the theme closes the academic meeting between companies and students, leaving the time to reflect and transform the concepts learned into concrete construction projects. Skema has the task of introducing the living comfort from an acoustic point of view. Noise, sound, vibrations are part of daily life and even more so, in a community context such as that of a family home for the disabled, knowing how to manage the transmission of sound in the environment affects the functionality and liveability of the collective spaces.

The lesson for Skema

From these experiences we always come out enriched. Even if our company is called to attend as a teacher, the academic world with its intellectual liveliness and the gaze on the future of its students can always give us new ideas and new horizons. This is why we work with pleasure, because we always want to be the first to know and contribute to the diffusion of a new way of planning and never waste a single day without learning.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.