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Off-key is better. When the beauty comes from a voice out of the chorus.

There are floorings with classic finishings, that are suitable practically in every space, and there are floorings with characterloud voices and perhaps seemingly off-key, ideal only for those who know what they want.

Also among the Skema collections there are floorings that know how to stand out and with their beauty give a more personal touch to the spaces.
We refer to the decors defined technically "off-key", because their surface is characterized by a variation of tonality between plank and plank, or on the same plank.

An off-key effect found among the collections of laminate Living, in those of the synthetic flooring Sintesy and in wood Oximoro. This is because the typical color variation found naturally in wood, has been recreated also in technological products such as laminate and synthetics floorings. After all, the beauty is harmony amoung the elements but also rhythm and variation. For this reason, thanks to the off-key decorative elements, it is possible to create a symphony of colors that alternate and create an original and distinctive design.

Before the actual laying, by opening more packages and combining different planks of the same decor, it is easy to discover all the possible combinations and identify the one you like most and which will create your personal flooring.

Among the color-shading Skema decors, flooring as the laminate Gray Oak of the Living line stand out, which plays with different tonality of light gray. Gray Oak is present in the Prestige L, Make-Up, Mash-Up, Prestige Gold and Facile+ collections.

Also the new Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese Bianco Vintage belongs to the Living line and recreates a slightly antique effect for the herringbone floorings, in the shades of oak and bleached oak.

Among the 2018 news, also Star.K Anversa of the Sintesy line stand out for the rich color-shading of the planks. Once laid, the game between light and dark, between more or less warm tones, is decisive, modern and impressive.

You can not miss some examples of the wood line Oximoro. It is often the nature here to create its palette and sometimes the help of man is really minimal.

Oximoro Ermitage Cezanne, for example, emphasizes knots, veins and obviously the color-shading effect of brushed rustic oak  finished only with natural oil.

Always from Ermitage collectionPerugino shows how a rustic, oxidized and white pickled oak acquires intense shades, that is a reference to the colors of the undergrowth.

These were just a few examples of the various decorative shades that can be found in the Skema collections. To discover them and to know all the decors and finishings of our lines, we have created the section dedicated to Book Decori e Finiture in the download area of the site, freely downloadable and consultable.