Knowledge is a journey and for Skema it becomes a tour.

Here in Skema we are convinced that training is the key to the future. Building a store of in-depth technical knowledge is the best way to know how to generate a competent service and then offer the end customer a product that really meets a need.

We are working hard to spread the knowledge of the latest technological innovations in terms of surfaces and also to share our know-how regarding the concept of space design and exhibition mood.

To do so we literally started moving, sending around all over Italy and even beyond the national borders, some of our best men who, especially in the month of June just ended, have eaten up the miles to deepen with the professionals of the sector some important topics.

Acoustic wellness and architectural design

With Infoprogetto team, also in June, Skema brought the theme of the phono correction in the conferences dedicated to architects, engineers and surveyors who are involved in the design and want to implement their knowledge on the most innovative techniques of this sector.
The correction through the use of wall covering solutions, which Skema has collected in the Vertical project, is a technique that is still little known but increasingly appreciated and applied in public and private contexts.
Aesthetic well-being is an increasingly up-to-date context, involving both experts in the sector and individuals looking for architectural and furnishing solutions capable of modeling in a functional way not only the aesthetic but also the acoustic aspect. Skema is working hard to ensure that this modus operandi, which encompasses all the senses, enters more and more into the professional practice of professionals and is a factor to be improved for the clients. For this reason, in the meetings organized by Infoprogetto, Skema has chosen to bring to the foreground the topic of sound insulation, noise and systems for the correction of sound transmission in the environments.

LVTour to know Sintesy and product news

The first section of LVTour meetings around Italy also ended in June.
Florence, Rome, Naples, Ancona, Trani and Chieti were the first six stages in which we were able to meet professionals in the field of surface covering and let them know the innovations proposed this year by Skema. News that can be summarized in the Sintesy and Outside line, but which go beyond simple product innovation. In these meetings it was important to show and demonstrate how the multilayer flooring industry has evolved and can now be used in specific situations. They are timely answers to those looking for a certain quality from a floor such as the practicality of installation and maintenance, a high-level aesthetic performance that can fit into public but also private contexts, the possibility of using them in renovations and being able to install them in usually hostile environments , for example particularly humid areas such as bathrooms, or exposed to strong heat sources. Fit.Lay, Star.K and all the products of the Sintesy line today are a complete offer able to respond to all this. With them, also Marina Real was introduced around Italy, the new decking in wpc that with its aesthetic performance and its technical qualities makes everyone fall in love at first sight.

In Georgia to export new surface concepts

The desire to share our knowledge and expertise flew to Georgia, where we could meet a more than worthy representation of local architects and interior designers. With them we started a training day, in which topics relevant to us related to interior design and space design were dealt with. A context in which surface coverings are recognized as basic elements on which to base the aesthetic and functional foundations of living spaces.
In proposing Skema vision, our guests particularly appreciated our ability to give many solutions that range on a multi-material level.
Star.k and *Nadura were the most popular products for their aesthetic performance combined with the technologies they carry. Our operating philosophy based on an overall vision has impressed, the same that allows us to customize the covering of the walls and work on projects development.

Three trips with three different paths but all having a common purpose: to spread knowledge and awareness, because only those who have the cultural and technical tools can make real choices and find real solutions.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.

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