Circle, triangle and square. Because beauty is subjective, the surface aspect of parquet no.

Leafing through the Oximoro price list you can see a recurring symbology between the descriptions of the individual elements that make up the various collections.
Circle, triangle and square appear in each description along with a code in letters, for example AB or CDD. These symbols indicate respectively the class of appearance and the choice of the wooden floor, that is the aesthetic classification of the upper part of the single plank or plank that compose the parquet. The classes are defined by the European standard UNI EN 13489: 2018, to these Skema also accompanies a further definition of the choice of wood that is indicated in letters. Wood is pure material and wooden floorings are characterized by unique elements. Nodes, cracks, variegations of color are not defects, but distinctive signs of nature, in many cases determine a greater characterization of the finish and give a stronger aesthetic sense to the wooden surface.

The classification is useful to immediately understand in which category the appearance of each wooden floor is included (bearing in mind that according to the variability of the natural material the standard establishes that 3% of the pieces of a supply may be of different class) This is not a qualitative judgment of the product, but is limited to categorizing the aesthetics of wood species, important because it is a standard parameter that clarifies the descriptions on an international level and helps to categorize the many variations present in nature.

The three classes Circle, Triangle, Square are subdivided in this way:


Corresponds to the common denomination selected Choice or Striped. The wood fiber is oriented and can present only healthy nodes of small size, less than 3 mm, it can have slight shading and the sapwood is not allowed (the most tender and clearest part of the trunk).
Currently Skema no longer offers products with this class, which is the result of an extreme selection of the raw material, resulting not only difficult to find in the market, but above all capable of producing an excessive processing waste. With a view to greater respect for the environment and its resources, Skema has decided not to continue supplying products with an aesthetic class identified by the circle.


Corresponds to the common denomination Choice Striped and Blaze. The wood fiber is oriented but may have deviations and may have healthy knots with a diameter of up to 8 mm. Up to 50% of the front face are allowed to be even marked and mirroring, the sapwood and the heart are allowed up to 50%.


Corresponds to the common denomination Rustic Chioce. It is the most rustic-looking class of wood with knots and cracks, all the characteristics are allowed without limits, provided that the technical and resistance qualities of the product are not compromised.

In this table you can see all the technical data reported in the summary tables of the European legislation.

The classification that Skema has adopted does not stop there, but it also shows the choice of wood, that is, a further definition in letters of the elements that can be found in the supply that will compose the floor.

Here are summarized the meanings of each abbreviation:

AB: striped and flamed choice, admissible light shades and small knots called partridge eyes are allowed. It is part of the category indicated with the symbol of the triangle.
ABC: striped and flamed choice, allowed mustache of sapwood, shades present, allowed healthy and stuccoed knots. It is part of the category indicated with the symbol of the triangle.
ABCD: mixed between Striped / Flame / Knotted, striped parquet fiber, flamed and irregular, of non-homogeneous color and with well marked and also contrasting streaks and the presence of sapwood of sapwood. It is part of the category indicated with the square symbol.
CD: rustic-light choice, presence of variegations of color, healthy and stuccoed knots. It is part of the category indicated with the square symbol.
CDD: rustic choice, presence of knots also of large dimensions, strong shading, admitted sapwood, stucco cracks of small and medium size. It is part of the category indicated with the square symbol.
CDE: super rustic choice, presence of knots also large, strong shades, admitted sapwood, stucco cracked medium and large. It is part of the category indicated with the square symbol.

These are the coordinates to navigate safely and arrive at the choice that most satisfies the tastes of everyone. Now when in the shop you will consult the catalog and watch the Oximoro, collection, you will have one more tool to choose with awareness.



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