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Between WPC decking and Wood decking you choose the easiest to clean


Outdoor floors can be of many types. But among the most popular are those made of natural wood and composite ones, also called WPC decking.

Two philosophies of life, tradition on the one hand and modernity on the other. A comparison with pros and cons on both sides. But a challenge of comparison between wood and WPC brings out a single winner and is what you will discover from the table that we have drawn schematically below.

What does the wooden decking of Teak or Ipe satisfy? And what level of maintenance does the WPC decking need? Here's the comparison.


Features Wood Decking WPC Decking
Dimensional stability Yes Yes
Low-cost   Yes
Eco-sustainable production   Yes
Raw Material Yes  
Doesn't need strctural maintenance   Yes
Quick cleaning   Yes
Long-lasting   Yes
Moisture resistant   Yes
Doesn't need frequent maintenance   Yes
Structural floor Yes  
Recyclable Yes Yes
Resistant to pests and fungi   Yes


Clear how WPC decking wins the challenge against outdoor wood.

This is because, although the natural wood floor is made with essences suitable for outdoor flooring and it can be treated with varnishes that protect it more, it pays the covering of natural raw material that changes over time, reacts to agents and therefore needs more care and attention of other materials.

The composite wood decking, on the other hand, is designed to be installed outdoors and is therefore designed to be durable, practical and easy to clean.




At this point you will have realized that the cleaning of the outdoor floor in WPC is easy and fast.

The instructions for a correct management of the floor are short and can be summarized in 4 points.

1- The WPC floor can be cleaned with a brush or a pressure washer. If you are cleaning with a high pressure washer (not above 70 bar), you should keep the lance at a distance of more than 30 cm from the surface of the slats.

2- Neutral floor detergents may be used for a deep cleaning of the WPC decking. For our Outside Marina Decking we recommend the use of WPC CLEANER that removes the traces of dirt on the surface. To be used diluted (3 caps in 1 liter of water) for sanitization or pure to clean on the most resistant stains, without having to rinse.

3 - In the event of the fall of highly staining substances on the floor surface it is necessary to intervene and remove the stain before it dries and penetrates deeply.

4-The long exposure of the WPC floor to atmospheric agents and water can create some particularly resistant halos or stains, in this case can be used a wire brush. But this only after trying to remove it with the other cleaning systems.



In the exceptional case that the WPC outdoor floor is exposed to the frequent fall of oily or oily substances, SKEMA makes WPC PROTECTIVE available for protection. A product that adds further resistance to the outdoor floor and that must be applied by professional personnel. WPC PROTECTIVE is a water-based product that penetrates into WPC and protects it against the absorption of grease and oil stains, improving the tightness and stability of color over time. As an alternative, Skema also recommends PRO-drop WPC, a water-based treatment formulated with special non-filmogenic nanotech waxes and resins that creates a hydro-oil repellent breathable barrier, designed to prevent persistent stains due to oily substances from falling.

OUR selectION

WPC CLEANER, the product that Skema has suggested above for the ordinary cleaning of the outdoor floor, is a detergent based on plant extracts indicated for intensive and superficial cleaning, with special nanoparticles that give the treated surfaces a prolonged sanitizing action in time. Easily removes even the most intense dirt such as grease, oil, mud and guano footsteps.

Waiting for the beautiful days to go outdoors, for your outdoor project discover the new 2018 Skema , our Marina Real Decking.



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