Skema around the world

The world tour in 80 days? We do it in 5 minutes.

Now Skema is also known outside the national borders, so we decided to collect in a single gallery the most representative images of the most recent realizations made around the world with Skema products. From the United States to China, from Poland to the UAE, every culture has its own preferences and needs, for all of them there is a Skema response.

Dubai Villa

A fresh, bright, open but cosy home in a luxury residential complex in Dubai. In each room was chosen the right floor: ground floor and stairs were made with Oximoro Essentia Lava, the sleeping area with Living Prestige Gold Dakota Oak and then the wall of the corridor in the living covered with Open Mind finish Barrique Grigio.

Starbucks in Poland

At Lodtz, in Poland, the Starbucks of the city, upon advice of our partner Bel Pol, chose for its floor Oximoro Evo Antico, the purity of the wood, the warmth of the matter, the rustic effect of the large size.

Change of perspectives in China

In Family Floor 's showroom our Vision Synco in Parquet and Tiles version becomes decorative walls, to amaze and prove that Skema floors are not only easy to install but can surprise even for their versatility.

K-Uno international

K-Uno is really loved in and out of Italy, for example we find it in the offices of Brunello Cucinelli in New York, in a residence in Miami and in Barcelona in a law firm.

Swiss private Apartment

Even in Switzerland, where wood is well known, *Lindura was chosen to furnish a private house and give it the typical warm style of Swiss dwellings, with a touch of modernity both in the look and technology, which exploits all the super resistance of this "New wood" which is Lindura.

Mash-Up and Flex between France and Germany

For its spaces in the international fairs in Germany and France, Porada chose the beauty and uniqueness of the Mash-Up compositions, while Flex was the choice of Diesel for its shops in Gothenburg and Stockholm.


If we have intrigued you and you want to look at other pictures with Skema products, go to the dedicated section of the website and discover all our photos.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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