Natural, pure, healthy: are we talking about food or Lindura?

Ah! December. The month of parties and dinners with friends! Of sweaters with reindeer, decorations, Christmas lights, panettone and mulled wine.

But we, who are always looking for news, today we do not tell you the classic story of Christmas, today we jump into the innovative spaces of the first Plant Based bistro in Bologna.

The theme of food is one of our favorites but also innovation and when these two things come together we can only talk about them with enthusiastic tones.

Also because behind Botanica Lab Cucina in Bologna there is a precise philosophy that does not just think to feed you but wants to share the culinary experience of the healthy and natural principles and with so much taste.

An environment that feeds also the gaze

When you enter you will immediately find the spirit of the typical bistros but with a light and modern touch. The real peculiarity, however, lies in the dishes proposed, only recipes that combine two types of kitchen, that are cooked and raw food, all using only high quality vegetable products, organic and seasonal.

The creator of this space, Anna Artesiani, wants to offer a total experience, believing that only in a welcoming and well-finished environment food can be fully appreciated.

For this reason she entrusted Fiorenza Tarroni Studio for designing the spaces.

The kitchen, which occupies the central space of the room, is all visible and finished in marble. The large wall lamps ' Marseille ', designed in the fourties by Le Corbusier, illuminate the tables arranged all around the kitchen, fulcrum and forge of the works that every day come out in the form of innovative recipes.

Why have we told you all this?

Obviously because in this innovative environment there is the contribution of Skema. The floor of the bistro is in fact a beautiful *Lindura Elementaryproposed to the study of architecture and to the owner from YUL Co. S.r.l, real professionals of surfaces which also installed it.

We could tell you that it was chosen for its resistance (and it is true) we could tell you that it was installed for its beauty that combines perfectly with the chosen furnishings (and this is also true) but the reason why Lindura Elementary was the ideal choice is because it is a product that respects the inner philosophy of Botanica Lab Cucina: natural, pure, healthy.


Photos by Giacomo Maestri fotografo

If you are around Bologna and want to stop and enjoy the experience of Botanica Lab Cucina you can find all the useful information on their website: www.botanicalab.com


Lindura is the revolution of the wooden floor. No glue, no gripping products, only matter that melts and creates a warm and cozy wood floor but also durable to impact and wear. Lindura is the result of the union of a plank of natural wood with Wood Powder, the patented composite of wood fiber and resin that penetrates into the wood pores. The result is a new floor made of structured wood, to be laid even in spaces until now prohibitive. Skema proposes Lindura finished with oil or varnished with eco friendly products resistant and easy to clean.

The structure of Lindura consists of a noble oak layer on the surface, the layer permeated with wood fibre and resin "Nadura", then a HDF Aquasafe layer and a real wood back layer.

Lindura Elementary is one of the six proposals with oil finish, with a light colour, which recalls the natural shades of oak and leaves veins, knots and flames in sight. It is in the format 2600x320x11 mm, it is compatible with floor heating systems, it can be laid both floating and in total adhesion and has BLF-S1 reaction to fire.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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