How to keep your Lindura floor perfect

Congratulations! If you're reading this article it's because you've installed or are thinking of laying a Lindura floor. The choice of the floor must be a decision taken calmly, there are many factors to consider both technical and aesthetic and it is good to ask some questions.

Probably if you've arrived here you already have some answers, you already know that Lindura is a wooden floor that is characterized by its extraordinary resistance to shocks and scratches and you already have clear what are its main advantages: the beauty of authentic wood  but with the possibility of installing it in prohibitive spaces for the common parquet.

To ensure that a floor remains beautiful in time, it is also important to know how to clean and maintain it, even for Lindura cleaning is important and must be done following a few simple rules, which are however different depending on the finish of the floor: oil or varnish have different needs.


Let's take a step back: what to do immediately after laying

First of all you need to know if you prefer the oil version or the varnish version. The first is characterized by the natural treatment, actually oil, and by the selection of rustic wood that is provided in planks of more important dimensions (320x2600 mm). Once laid, the floor may need a deep cleaning and a small welcome cuddle to protect the surface finish, which also includes its "massaging".

For oiled Lindura a special liquid detergent should be used, we recommend Osmo naturale. In addition to an in-depht cleaning of the flooring, massage the staves, so that the product can penetrate and nourish the wood thanks to the natural Carnauba and Candellina waxes and leave the surface protected for a long time to avoid staind to be absorbed.

Recommended Products

· DETERGENTE RAPIDO OSMO for the final wet cleaning after laying and also for everyday moist cleaning.
· DETERGENTE LIQUIDO OSMO for the post-laying enriching treatment of the floor.
· WAX CARE for the treatment of opaque, colorless and transparent protection after the laying; very suitable for kitchen spaces, or for the living, or if we share Lindura with our animal friends.

How to clean Lindura floor

The ordinary cleaning of Lindura is similar whether you have chosen an oil finish, or a varnished one, similar but not identical.
In both cases everyday cleaning starts from removing the dirt like dust, sand and pebbles with a synthetic broom or with a vacuum cleaner with the terminal point suitable for wooden floors.
Avoid using cloths impregnated chemically for removing the dust because they can damage the protective layer of the floor and make  the surface "thick" and opaque. On the contrary, dust-catching clothes without any impregnation do not cause any problem. 


To figure out how to wash your Lindura remember to look at how it is treated.

The steps here are simple too, but they must be made with the most suitable products for each finish.
The floor must be washed with a damp cloth well wrung out and a solution of water and products for the cleaning of the parquet, in any case always neutral detergents.

Which are the steps?

1. Moisten the cloth in the mixture of water and detergent.
2. Squeeze it well and pass it following the wood fiber.
3. Repeat the operation if it is necessary.
4. Change the water when it is dirty and repeat the cleaning; better if you have two buckets, one with clean water and product, and the other for rinsing.

An alternative technique

After sweeping the floor, put the appropriate detergent (remember oil or varnish) in a sprayer (not temperature vaporizer) and sprinkle it on the floor, then pass a dry cloth following the wood fiber.

Recommended Products

Lindura Oiled: Detergente rapido OSMO to be applied with a well wrung out cloth on all the surface that cleans and at the same time brightens up the wood.
Lindura Varnished: CLEANER STAR applied with a slightly damp cloth.


The beauty of wood is that you can brighten it up

Periodically Lindura can be revived to return to its original splendor, in this case you can use a specific product, if it is oiled for example you can use the liquid detergent Osmo which is ideal also to remove stubborn stains, but it nourishes especially the wood in depth. In case of a varnished Lindura you can use Polish WT, an aqueous emulsion of industrial waxes with a high melting point that revives the finish of the floor.

The frequency

The frequency with which to clean Lindura floor  depends on where it is laid: in the house or in areas with little traffic a weekly cleaning is sufficient, in public areas or with intense traffic a daily cleaning could be needed.

What not to do

 Avoid industrial detergents containing aggressive chemicals such as acids, ammonia, caustic soda, various solvents or alcohol.
• Avoid leaving stagnant water, this can damage the wooden floor causing the swelling or staining by ascent of the wooden components.
• Do not use industrial lava-drying machines for cleaning.
• Do not polish the floor with electric or hand polishing machines.
• In case of resistant stains, first check their nature (animal liquids, ammonia, solvents, coffee, wine etc.), within one hour from their appearance they can be removed easily, both from varnished and from oiled surfaces. If more time passes, an abrasive pressure action has to be on the oiled surface (but in this case contact us for more clarification).
• and... recommendation, always a doormat in front of the entrance and felts under furniture and chairs. Lindura mechanically resists up to 4 times a normal sratified wood floor, but remains a natural wood.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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