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With laminate you are free to choose

There are laminate floorings for traditionalists and there are laminate surfaces for creatives. This covering offers infinite choices to everybody.

Laminate is many things: easy to lay, easy to clean, resistant to scratches and rubbing. Laminate is all this but it is also the freedom to choose that nowadays goes beyond the countless number of available decors and includes patterns and sizes.

Mash-Up grey oak

Mash-Up and Vision models of Skema Living line are the main example of this concept of freedom of expression and creative flexibility. Two solutions studied for those who look for an authentic effect and  the standards do not please them.


Skema proposal has a very wide range of decors in different sizes, from traditional staves to extra long planks, like our K-Uno, large and well-defined. In order to offer a wider choice Skema has introduced Vision Syncro Parquet and Vision Syncro Multiwood to please the tastes of those who look for laminate with parquet-effect in the smallest details.
Vision Syncro Parquet combines the technology and advantages of laminate with the most classic aesthetics of parquet in Italian or Hungarian Herringbone.
Vision Syncro Multiwood allows instead to give movement to the space, with a pattern that perfectly recreates the game of continuity between planks of different width.

Vision Syncro Parquet

vision syncro multiwood

Vision Syncro Multiwood

Playing with widths

But if you really want to play with the widths and create your own design, the choice is Mash-Up. A solution that allows to mix planks of different widths combining those of Prestige L (wider) and those of Make-Up (narrower) collection. The result? Planks chasing each other creating movement and recalling the natural variety of the forms of wood.


Skema proposes three laying solutions designed to have the maximum aesthetic performance and expressiveness of the stave effect, but the possible combinations are really many, so as to satisfy your creative inspiration and enhance the spaces of any environment.

Soluzioni proposte da Skema


You just have to choose the color tone that you like and compose your own surface.


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