With Flex and Lindura gastronomy meets aesthetics and becomes a paradise for the senses

Gastronomia Pelizzaro

There are many types of terrestrial Paradise. What makes a place a real eden depends on the eyes of whoever looks at it and its inclinations. For example, Italy is an island of pleasure for lovers of good food, a country full of regional specialties and culinary tradition magic. Among the most popular pleasure-loving cities that may be encountered, there is Mantua, with its fresh pastas, risottos and cold cuts. In this paradise for gourmets, a few kilometers from the city, there is a true temple of good food, gastronomy Pelizzaro.

The renewal of gastronomy Pelizzaro

A place where every day they offer fresh products from the tradition and where it was decided that the good must also be accompanied to beauty. Since even the eyes want their part, with the renewal of local hosting the gastronomy in Guidizzolo, the ownership chose Skema products to coat surfaces with style.

Furniture with personality and creativity

After consulting with experts and collaborators Skema Centro Edile Badini in Guidizzolo, these artisans of gastronomy have also become interior designers themselves, personally choosing the finishes, colours and patterns and deciding to work firsthand in the staging of the gastronomy.
And so, momentarily abandoned the kitchens, they decided to furnish the room according to their own creative flair, laying on the ground the floor Flex Svezia and using in an original way the innovative Lindura Black Way to coat the walls and counter.
A choice against the tide and a test of courage that has given them reason, demonstrating how creativity, combined with high performance products, leads to surprising results.

The reasons that made them fall in love with Flex and Lindura*

The reasons that made them fall in love with Flex and Lindura are indeed many and we do not list all. Definitely they caught the full benefits that the two technologies bring with them. One side Flex, a flexible floor, shock resistant, easy to clean and soundproofed, on the other side the new Wood, Lindura, which combines the authentic beauty of the oak with the resistance of a core stone.
And that's how the good, that every day is offered to customers of this food boutique, joins the beauty of a room furnished with style.


Lindura Black Way wallLindura Black Way wall and counterFlex floor

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* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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