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The social attitude of Skema


The world is increasingly social and all areas now have a dedicated space online.

Skema has also strengthened its social side. The aim is to have an increasingly direct relationship with those who know us or want to do it.
Since everyone has its favorite communication channel, Skema is enhancing its presence in the various online communication spaces.


For those who follow the official routes, the site has a page dedicated to contacts where you can fill out the form to request product information, company business and to subscribe to the company newsletter. Or you can send a simple email to the address



On Facebook Our official page grows from day to day. Starting here you can read the latest updates on products and initiatives signed Skema, you can see the photo albums that collect the photos made by our partners directly on the site of the realization, a real reportage in direct, without filters or changes that alter colors and spaces.
Facebook is also the channel that many choose to write us in private, asking for advice, photos of achievements, product details and much more. A real live chat service to be always close to our followers.
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The official Skema accounts in Instagram and Pinterest are designed to tell our company philosophy through the images and disseminate with poetry and creativity our activities and our most beautiful and representative achievements.
Instagram, with its dynamism, allows us to involve people in our projects, let them enter into the world of shapes and colors that always come out of the patterns  and lead to original solutions in the use of coating materials.
Pinterest is our international gallery, designed to reach people with the power of images where the words stop. A path made of folders that tell from the origin until today the branded products Skema and all that is part of our cultural baggage.
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Skema is also in the Houzz portal, a communication channel designed primarily to dialogue with interior design professionals. A few interventions, a real selection of the most interesting projects and the most original applications of Skema products.
Here is our profile Houzz: Skema srl


For those who want to go on the concrete, looking for practical answers without many laps of words, the ideal place is the Skema YouTube channel, the space rich of videos with laying instructions, practical suggestions  and technical presentations of the products.
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The roads opened by Skema to communicate online are many, you just have to choose the one you prefer to speak with us and to build with us a constant dialogue, made up of news, curiosities and ideas both creative and technical.