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The reasons for choosing a Flex floor, and an ice cream

like many young people of these times who rediscover the value of high craftsmanship, two boys from the province of Modena decided to open an ice cream parlor in their town, Soliera, focusing on the quality of the tradition that requires an ice cream to perfection. But the owners of Officina del Gelato are not two conservatives, indeed, they embrace the innovation that sees them creators of innovative tastes and in theme with the seasons, ready to welcome new proposals and ideas.
That's what they did even when they decided to renovate their room, tired of the resin floor, they met our Flex resilient floor thanks to our seller Sgarbi and they immediately felt it as the right choice for their environment.

A public places flooring friend

In a few hours, the PVC-Free Flex floor in Kandinsky decor was ready to welcome customers who can also sit and enjoy ice-cream in this ice-cream parlor.
The innovation of Flex has exceeded the expectations of the owners, which is not always so simple, since they are quality lovers and rightly look for distinctive characteristics in the materials.
The acoustics of the room is significantly improved, the cleaning is easy and there are no worries if drops of their creamy ice cream fall, Flex is clean in a moment.

Choosing Flex is like choosing ice cream.

What has the title to do with what has been said so far? Indeed, Flex and Officina del Gelato have many points in common to be chosen.

  • They use quality materials, Flex is a resilient floor built without PVC, even ice cream is produced according to traditional methods that  require only the use of genuine raw materials.
  • They are flexible, both in the choice, with many flavors one and many decors the other, Flex is also flexible in the structure that adapts to the surface while maintaining its rigid soul.
  • They are strong, Flex for its  resistant and hard click joint, Officina del Gelato because it follows a path with a philosophy linked to quality, precise and now recognized, given that in addition to the Soliera restaurant, two more have been opened, in Modena and in Bologna.
  • They are silent, Flex reduces the noise from foot traffic, the ice cream ... makes everyone shut up as they are intent on enjoying it.

We joke, but we are serious when we talk about concrete realities that show how the weighted evaluation of a product can change the well-being of a public or private environment.
Choosing a floor is a decision that deserves time and attention, as did the owners of Officina del Gelato, today enthusiastic about their Flex Kandinsky.

The interiors of Officina del Gelato ice cream parlor with Flex Kandinsky floor

Before and after: the Officina del Gelato yesterday with resin floor and today with Flex Kandinsky


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