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The project of Beretta Funeral House in Milan

Nowadays architects have to face the problem to give collective spaces a more home-like atmosphere: from kindergartens, retirement homes, hospitals, to funeral houses.

In autumn 2015 the architect Claudio Grillenzoni from Modena proposed Skema Floorings to Beretta Gaetano Company, funeral agency, for the realization of their Funeral Houses with adjoining chapel. In particular, he proposed Lindura.

This proposal came from the presentation of the Na-Lin-Dura program by our agent Monica Marchi who emphasized the specifics of a flooring with an authentic wood surface.

At the beginning the materials considered for the project were different, from ceramics to pre-finished wood, but no one seemed to be really suitable to cover the specific needs of such a special place. In February 2016, the property finally decided for Lindura, because of its resistance and its finishing, which conveys a feeling of warmth and welcome. In spring 2016, the 760 square meters of Lindura Puro were laid by the team of Service Parquet (RE), who had already worked with Skema during two previous projects: Technogym and Dall'Ara Stadium. It was our partner Sgarbi Domenico & Figli snc from Soliera (MO) who was in charge of the supply management. 

To participate in such a delicate but innovative project (for the Italian context) gave us the possibility to explore a field that is often left to chance. We found out that there are professionals who can pay attention to a long series of technical, organizational and sanitary details. But beyond the purely functional aspects, the main task of these professionals is to create a welcoming and respectful place in which people can find comfort; something like a "second home" suitable to accompany those who come for the condolences and organize celebrations. Therefore these places have a symbolic value associated to those traditional functions once tied to the house and that now can't be performed anymore.




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