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The finishings and functionalities of Skema Floorings at the service of hospitality

Hotel means holidays, but also business trips.

Whatever is the reason that brings us to spend time in a hotel room, certainly what we want most, after a wonderful day exploring a new city or long hours talking about work, is a clean, quite, cozy and relaxing room where we can recharge.


The management of the Hotel "Maggior Consiglio" in Treviso decided this year to rethink the look of their rooms, focusing in particular on the replacement of the carpet flooring. They thought immediately to Skema as a supplier.


When they called us, they already knew what they wanted: a technical flooring with a wood effect that would combine well with the furniture. Obviously, the new floorings had to be durable and easy to maintain. This is why we chose ROVERE LOIRA PRESTIGE GOLD, size 1287x 198x 8.0 cm. The product raise enthusiasm, especially because of the bevel on the long side of the boards.


But when it comes to hospitality there is an important detail that should never be overlooked: the necessity to guarantee the highest level of privacy to the guests and, above all, protect them from the noises coming from the outside, the corridors or other rooms.

To ensure the soundproofing to the rooms of the Hotel "Maggio Consiglio" we prepared two sample rooms, testing Loira Prestige Gold in combination with 2 different underfloors: ADVANCED, in one, and RBR, in another. The latter turned out to be the most suitable one and has been provided along with coordinated baseboards and joints.


The laying of a new flooring is not simple in a hotel: you must not disturb the guest nor the staff.  So we decided to lay the 1200 mq of Loira Prestige Gold in 3 different steps, one floor at a time.

The final result met so well the expectations of the client that, a short time later, we were contacted again for a second project: the paving of an outdoor patio transformed into a charming dining room. For this second operation we chose Nadura 800 CEMENTO, Radis , size 853x 395x 10.5.

Many people stay each month in the rooms of the Hotel "Maggior Consiglio" in Treviso and we like to think that the floorings of Skema are now that detail, so elusive but fundamental, able to make their stay more enjoyable.



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