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USA Coast to Coast with Skema

From Boston to San Francisco, we travel to the United States thanks to Skema floors. Used to decorate two beautiful private homes, Living and Oximoro are the protagonists of these two stories, demonstrating that beauty and performance do not depend on the material itself, but on the ability to apply technology to surfaces.

On the East Coast with Oximoro Opera 26

In the renovation of a beautiful red brick house, in European style, typical of Boston's historic neighborhoods, the Italian style of Skema can be seen in the laying of a fine wooden floor Oximoro Opera 26, Ernanifinish, with a running installation in the two floors of the private home.
The project and the installation of refined materials, with a European taste, are the work of Divine Design Center, which has followed the renovation of this small and charming apartment developed all vertically.

Opera 26 Ernani

three-layer oak wooden floor where the beauty of the wood is highlighted by the generous dimensions of the planks, Oximoro Opera 26, in the Ernani version, is characterized by the brushed-destructured processing of the surface and the shade of grey, which gives it a modern touch. Ernani is a rustic floor, with visible splits and knots, thanks to a careful surface processing.

In California with Living Prestige Gold

Also on the West Coast of the United States, grey has set trends, here our protagonist is a Living Prestige Gold laminate floor in the decorative Grey Canyon.
We are in the city of San Ramon, within the San Francisco Bay Area, immersed in a residential living context where greenery and environmental well-being are protected and enhanced.
Marina and Ron Berezovsky wanted to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms of their two-storey terraced house, but the solutions found by European Cabinets were so beautiful that the owners decided to renovate all the rooms of the house, so the project also extended to floors, doors and fireplaces. 
In the foreground always the living comfort of the owners, with quality products, such as the Living Prestige Gold laminate flooring proposed by European Cabinets to cover floors and stairs of this comfortable and bright home.

Prestige Gold

Prestige Golde is the collection of laminates that combines beauty and practicality of use, it is characterized by remarkable technical performance, by the use of extremely precise interlocking and the maximum sealing Tecno Lock System Plus and by the and the bevelled edge on all four sides.



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