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Infoprogetto 2019 with Skema technological products

Thursday, March 7 began the tour 2019 of the Infoprogetto meetings which Skema has decided to join for the second consecutive year.
The general theme, which Infoprogetto wanted to deepen in the meeting held in Treviso, was The Contract, a key sector for many stakeholders that needs specific knowledge because of its peculiarities, where coordination, respect for deadlines and use of advanced materials, are just some of the watchwords.

The Contract protagonist of the work shop

The Infoprogetto format, created for offering a timely update to architects, engineers and surveyors and recognized by their respective registers, consists of a calendar of meetings distributed throughout Italy where sector experts and companies present successful case study, new technologies and innovative construction solutions.
A winning formula that is re-proposed at each meeting and that has seen on March 7th the involvement of our artistic director Franco Driusso as an expert. He has the task of opening the workshop and explaining the dynamics of Contract also through his planning experiences.
Our project manager Raffaele Ferrara has intervened instead for taking Skema's experience and company solutions considered also for the Contract sector, a proposal focused on the technological development of Skema products.

Infoprogetto rewards Innovation

We would like to thank the participants of the Treviso's event who recognized Skema as a company dedicated to quality, excellence and innovative solutions.


Skema technological products

Skema has declined the evolutionary phenomenon which has always involved the construction sector, the world of surfaces, trying to give an effective and timely response to the innovation need combined with the bond of man for nature in the context of surfaces coatings.

The proposed solution is aimed at the creation of technological floorings able to combine the materials  beauty such as wood or stone, with the application of productive technologies that improve the floorings performance. This is how Skema today can offer increasingly thinner, increasingly impact, abrasion, water resistance or the resistance to temperature changes coverings... increasingly capable of surprising.

Therefore, Skema has selected a range of products for Infoprogetto meetings, that in 2019 will present themselves as innovative solutions thanks to their concentrative technology.

Sintesy Star.K

Presented in 2018, today further developed in terms of quality and technology.
The semi-rigid and large-format heterogeneous vinyl flooring is meeting great success, especially in projects where the humidity is very elevated and it has proved for all intents and purposes its waterproof. Today it is available not only in wood effect but also in material effect decors as stone, cement, metal and fabric . 
Also in Star.KW version for wall applications and Star.KR version with register decors.


Evertech flooring is the enhanced evolution in performance, technology and finishings of Nadura, the compound of wood fiber and melamine resin that has combined the flexibility of wood to the compactness and strength of stone. Thanks to the Nadura patent, it is ultra-performing and resistant to footfall and impact. Evertech is a new flooring concept, totally recyclable, mass-coloured and structured on the surface, available in several textures and colours that replicate, even to the touch, elements such as rock, cement or metal.


Lumbertech, the new name for the Lindura collection, it presents with new features even more natural to the touch and to the eye. Lumbertech combines the natural wood plank and Wood Powder, the patented composite of wood fibre and resin that penetrates the pores of the wood. A structured wood to be laid even in spaces so far prohibitive, with excellent performance of  fire reactions and large dimensions. A flooring with the warm and welcoming wood aspect, with high impact and wear resistance. Available in two sizes and with oiled or varnished finishings in the zero gloss version.

Outside Marina Real

Decking with a natural aesthetic effect, with highlighted veins and flames , a co-extruded product born from the fusion at medium temperature of wood fibres and polyethylene.
No use of glues or chemical substances, realized only with recycled materials. It is mould-proof and practical to clean thanks to its total PE coating.

Skema 2019 dates

where and when to listen to all the news and solutions Skema during the edition Infoprogetto 2019? Just choose one of the dates on the calendar:

Treviso, 07 March 2019
Udine, 02 April 2019
Milan, 29 May 2019 (Special Edition: THE "FASHION" OF THE CONSTRUCTION)
Verona, 30 May 2019
Pescara, 04 June 2019
Trento, 02 July 2019
Florence, 12 September 2019
Palermo, 24 September 2019
Turin, 15 October 2019
Naples, 05 November 2019
Milan, 05 December 2019

For registration you can consult the site Infoprogetto close to each event, or you can follow our social channels and our web site where we will keep you constantly updated on the schedule of individual dates and any changes of the calendar.


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