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Come valuti la tua esperienza Weki@trade?

At Skema, vocational training is a very important issue and has led the company to develop many training activities that differ according to the target audience. 
This activity was so articulated that we felt the need to structure Skema's training offer more.
This is how the Weki programme was born, which groups 5 training proposals for 5 different targets: internal staff, external sales force, trade customers, project customers and laying professionals.

Each program has its own identification and peculiaritiesall take place in Skema, mainly in Officina@Work, the new spaces dedicated to Skema training.

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The five Skema training courses are:

The first two, WEKI@SKEMA and WEKI@SALES, are dedicated to internal company training, with courses and meetings focused on product knowledge and optimisation of commercial communication.
The other 3 courses designed by Skema are aimed at customers, professionals and technicians.


A program with three levels of training, designed for customers trade technical floors and paintings, ceramic, furniture. 
These are monthly meetings where you can deepen your knowledge of the products: their uniqueness, technical aspects, sales, application sectors and news.


Dedicated to the world of projects, this route is tailored to the interlocutor. Meetings and themes are established according to the needs expressed by professionals who want to open up to new design scenarios possible thanks to specific solutions Skema.


The program dedicated to professionals in the laying industry is monthly and is structured in three levels of training. It includes both theoretical and practical meetings, where you can learn about the characteristics that distinguish Skema products and learn the best and most innovative laying techniques for each. 


The autumn calendar is already full of Weki meetings, if you also think that keeping up with the latest industry news is important, contact your Skema reference agent and participate in the course suitable for your business.