One year of training with Infoprogetto

With the meeting in Milan on 29 November, at the Palazzo delle Stelline, the cycle of workshops in which Skema participated, organized by Infoprogetto, has come to an end this year.
The experience has been so positive that we have already planned our dates for 2019 and here you can have an anticipation of the meetings planned for the coming year.

The format of Infoprogetto

In the design sector, the constant updating of professionals is a necessity and also an obligation for certain categories. Infoprogetto has grasped this need and has developed an articulated training project. The calendar of meetings is organized in such a way as to reach all Italian regions and is focused on the meeting between architects, engineers and surveyors who want to update, with experts in the field and especially with innovative companies.

The various workshops, accredited by the three national councils of architects, engineers and surveyors, are calibrated on a highly selected audience and interested in specific issues related to the development and new solutions in the construction industry.

Skema and the sound absorbing walls

During the workshops, there are a series of meetings at the desk with the participating companies and individual speeches where the speakers - lecturers, architectural firms and company representatives - will present studies, focus on topical issues and product and system innovations. Skema for the year 2018 has made known to the audience of Infoprogetto phonocorrective covering systems. Solutions that improve the acoustic well-being of the rooms thanks to the study of the sound distribution carried out by Skema technicians and then the installation of walls and ceilings that use the principle of Helmholtz resonators and that in Skema's Vertical system is translated into Fonika and Akustika products, provided in many variations and customizable.

Skema's experience with the specialist audience

After a year of meetings scattered throughout Italy, we can draw some conclusions about Skema's experience in Infoprogetto. 
In our 7 stages for a total of 42 hours of speeches and debates, we were able to meet about 3500 professionals, including architects, engineers and surveyors, who were extremely interested in the solutions proposed. A theme, that of the soundproofing of environments, still little debated but that increasingly affects the most innovative construction and renovation projects.
Infoprogetto was an important moment of meeting and discussion, which allowed us to get in touch with a highly competent audience, oriented to create new projects that look to the future in terms of efficiency, sustainability and improvement of living comfort.

Skema 2019 dates

Infoprogetto has proved to be a winning format also for Skema, in line with the principles of training and information that our company continues to carry out. For this reason we have adhered to the 2019 program and we can already anticipate now the scheduled meetings, which will be:

Treviso, 07 March 2019 

Udine, 02 April 2019

Milano, 29 May 2019 (special edition)

Verona, 30 May 2019 

Pescara, 04 June 2019

Trento, 02 July 2019 

Firenze, 12 September 2019 

Palermo, 24 September 2019 

Torino, 15 October 2019 

Napoli, 05 November 2019

Milano, 05 December 2019

For registration you can consult the site of Infoprogetto close to each event, or you can follow our social channels and our site where we will keep you constantly updated on the schedule of individual dates and any changes in the calendar.


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