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If Skema floorings were city

The heat of these summer days makes us travel with imagination and leads us to imagine places and cities around the world to discover and visit.
In our daydreaming our favorite destinations, we started a game: if Skema floorings were city, what city would they be?
Each of our proposals expresses a style, a way of conceiving spaces and relating to them. There are places in the world that have the same capacity, if not stronger yet, of enclosing a precise imagery that identifies them and distinguishes them from all others.
Here then that floors and cities can be both modern, technological, strong, traditional, maritime, rustic.

This is how we imagined Skema floorings if they were cities.

Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Raven is New York

Always ahead of its time, dynamic, cosmopolitan, New York is the metropolis par excellence, the city that connects most with the imagination of a living and always active city. Modernity is expressed in new materials that surprise with their technology and the ability to adapt to ever new construction challenges. New York is like our Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Raven laminate.

Fit.Lay Tatami is Tokyo

In the empire of the sun the ancient traditions coexist with the application of the most innovative technology. In the forest of ultramodern skyscrapers, where life is marked by incessant rhythms, ancient temples rise from the mystical aura, in a perfect union. Our Fit.Lay Tatami has the soul of Tokyo, a synthetic surface with innovative performances and the appearance of a traditional material, present for centuries in oriental culture.

Vision Syncro Tiles Cementina is Lisbona

The most characteristic corners of Europe also pass through the streets of Lisbon, enter colorful houses and mingle with the history of a people. The Cementines of Skema are a tribute to the Mediterranean culture and bring the warm and sleepy atmospheres of the traditional houses.

Opera 19 Norma is Londra

Sophisticated, traditional, authentic and always ready to make new generations fall in love with itself.
London is like our wooden floor. Opera 19 Norma, classical, always up-to-date, refined and rich in history, to be lived every day with a new spirit.

Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese Rovere Naturale is Budapest

Budapest is the city of music, the cradle of composers and musicians who have enlivened the halls of all Europe, from 800 onwards, with some of the most beautiful classical arias. Our Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese Rovere Naturale evokes the same charming, carefree and harmonious atmosphere.


*Nadura Pietra is Berlino

Ironic, out of the box and stereotypes, Berlin surprises the visitor from the first glance. Efficient and organized but extremely young and always oriented towards the future, a city that leaves the past behind and designs new neighborhoods and new housing solutions. For these reasons the Nadura Pietra, concrete and modern and with amazing technology, perfectly reflects the Berlin spirit.


*Lindura Natural is Cortina d'Ampezzo

When looking for elegance and high society even at high altitude, the Italian destination par excellence is the Pearl of the Dolomites. Its fame originates from the enchanted place that surrounds it, because authentic beauty is among the most impervious peaks. like Lindura Natural, which enhances the natural beauty of wood and at the same time makes it technological, ready to face the most intense challenges.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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