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The unseen protagonist: Skema at Orgatec

Have you ever imagined being invisible? To be able to go around, see the people without being seen, hear the most intimate conversations, steal secrets and, maybe, change the course of events. Even just for one day.

The kind of invisibility we are talking about is not just transparency. It's that kind of invisibility that  gives you a subtle joy, very special, something you can feel only when you are the protagonists of a story that no one else knows. 


If only it were possible...


Yet it really happened to us: we went to a place and nobody saw us even if we were protagonists.

How is it possible?

We attended a trade fair, supporting the stands of our customers.


In Cologne, Germany, between the 25 and the 29 of October, took place ORGATEC, the trade fair dedicated to working spaces: furniture, lighting, upholstery and all that is related to the office world. It is an event which purpose is not only to present the vast possibilities of the field, but also innovate, inspire and suggest new perspectives. All starts from a motto that says a lot about the approach of this trade fair: "Creativity Works”.


To enhance its chairs, Kastel chose the Nadura collection, Bauxite finishing, as a bottom surface.

Della Valentina Office preferred a different finishing of the same line, Cement, to show its heart-shaped chairs.

Doimo Office has opted for Vision Syncro Oxid Matt, Cool Gray finishing, mixed with the Cementina finishing of Vision Syncro Tiles, to give light to his tables.

This is how our floorings have been "touched" by hundreds of people who impressed them in their memories.


And all of this was not magic but the result of the relationships we developed over time with those leading brands that people saw in ORGATEC. 



Official website of ORGATEC :