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Much Ado About Nothing

It doesn't take much to eliminate the noise that every day we have to bear among work, gyms, restaurants and in all public spaces where acoustics is not managed good.

Shakespeare chose Much ado About Nothing to title his famous comedy where people don't do anything except talking, quarreling, discussing without getting to anything of that. We are also sued to say it today, as we are surrounded by input, challenges and responsibilities.

Frenzy and noise

Life in this increasingly hectic and busy society is sometimes difficult to cope with. You might have thought about it, too, maybe every time you are in office and you can not hear the voice of those who talk to you on the phone because colleagues make too much noise. Maybe in the gym class, where you would like to follow the instructions of the Zumba teacher, but you do not hear what he says and you end up being always the one out of time. And how many times have you slept badly in hotels because of the noises coming from the hallway? In all these situations, if you notices, the most annoying thing is the noise. Even at theatre or at a concert the most frustrating thing is not hearing well the actor or the singer, maybe because your neighbor comments every line or because there is a bad reverberation of the sound.

In short, we can withstand the crowd, we know how to endure the traffic that keeps us in the queue, but what really makes us intolerant is the irritating noise.

Yet it is really too much ado for nothing, because science has come to rescue us since long but we still tend to design spaces only with the eyes and not with the ears.

where to stay well

Recreating a wellness environment, as we also saw at the last edition of the Fuori Salone in Milan, is easy today. At White in the City as soon as you crossed the threshold of the ex church of San Carpofaro you were greeted by a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, the well-being was in the air and embraced visitors. One of the factors that contributed to this effect was the acoustics of the installation that allowed to hear and to be heard fluently and be lulled by music in the background.
Acoustic insulation and acoustic correction are solutions that can be adopted today in all public and private spaces.

Sound and well-being in the environments

One of the most felt needs in flat complex is to improve the sound insulation between the apartments, so as to increase the level of privacy on the one hand and give greater freedom of action at home on the other. For this purposes there are different systems of insulating walls and suspended ceilings, today's sound insulation panels exploit the properties of materials to significantly reduce the diffusion of noise. In addition they are easy-to-apply solutions, even in the spaces where people already live.
Nowadays it is also easy to manage the sound transmission by means of panels, wall coverings and false ceilings that are able to absorb the sound and correct the reverberation effect in the environments. Now, think about the gym and your Zumba teacher, if the room had walls and maybe even the ceiling made for example with Akustika, you would hear perfectly his instructions and today, we are sure, you will know perfectly all the choreographies. Or, if these wall staves were installed in the office, they would greatly reduce the background noise of telephones and photocopiers.
In restaurants, the good designers foresee the insertion of decorative and structural elements, as enclosures and walls, so as to create more spaces and isolate the various sources of noise. Not always this is possible or sufficient, in this case you can opt for a wall cladding that has the dual function of decorating and improving the acoustic effect of the room. So you can have a romantic dinner without having to scream out or ask every two words "What did you say sorry?”.


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