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Living will be green and technological

We live more and more often in the city, but we try to bring nature into the home. Or at least this is the trend seen at the Salone del Mobile and especially at Milan 2018 Fuorisalone. Brands and designers have expressed their vision on how to combine sustainability and the desire for green spaces with design and digital technologies. Escape from industrial modernity taking refuge in nature, but revisited with all the comforts that technology offers us. To put it as Hegel, thesis, antithesis and synthesis of the last 70 years of our life, where we have passed from the countryside to the city, to make a summary of them and try to take the best of these two worlds.

Think green, act green and decorate green.

The trend seen inside and outside Salone del Mobile is to transform the house into a green oasis: jungle style, furnishings and tropical prints, but above all live plants that decorate and often "invade" the spaces as true protagonists.
A research of the green also from the ethical point of view, respect for the environment and sustainability practices to protect it have been among the main themes: furniture and furnishing accessories made with recycled material, but also the technology that allows to reduce consumption and rationalize spaces.


The main role of designers

A return to nature at 360 degrees without ever leaving the towns or cities, a style of life that has imposed itself at the design week and has revealed that living is more and more a deliberate action, the result of a study that includes multiple aspects: rational, emotional, aesthetic and ethical.
It is clear how, in this perspective, the role of the designer is increasingly important. The design study today considers new materials and new production techniques, incorporates aesthetic research into the furnishing proposals and the ever-increasing demand for eco-sustainability. It is a choral operation that does not leave anything to chance and therefore increasingly involves the specialized figure of the designer.
Many leading brands of the Salone del Mobile have understood this need and collaborations with architectural and interior design brands have increased. The result of these collaborations has been seen in the intelligent use of technological innovations that, integrated into furnishing solutions, make them more practical and intuitive.
The design study of the objects was also seen in the use of materials, managing to create combinations between elements of a different and often opposite nature, daring with the forms and literally bending the material to the will, all oriented to give lightness, reaching thicknesses so reduced as to lead to reconsidering the classical construction paradigms.


Sustainable innovation and partnership

The 2018 design week has made us glimpse the path to be followed in the coming years, a desire for simplification, practicality and nature that requires the systematic application of the most advanced technology to be implemented. A trend that is perceived as a necessity also in the field of surface coatings. The search for solutions that satisfy aesthetics and functionality leads to the creation of innovative products, such as the new LVT and PVC-Free resilient floors and composite wood floors Nadura and Lindura*, and new collaborations with design experts able to bring the world of flooring to new horizons.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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