Lindura and the renewal of the Locanda Monte Baldo on the shores of Garda lake

Put a Lindura*, put the panorama of Lake Garda seen from the top of Mount Baldo and you have all the elements to enjoy a fabulous stay in the summer days, between gourmet dishes and relax by the pool.

An historical inn and a breath-taking panorama 

The Locanda Monte Baldo is a historic area of Malcesine, near the intermediate station of the cable car that leads to the summit of the mountain from which the local takes its name. Everything here is based on the chilling that the mild climate of the lake gives to guests and tourists.
From its huge terrace the gaze is lost along the blue expanse of Lake Garda, guests staying here enjoying the sun in the suggestive swimming pool facing the lake and pampering themselves with the typical dishes of the restaurant.
Wanting to make it a perfect resort and resting place, the property has decided to renovate the interior, so that our Lindura has arrived here, in this magical place, adding its natural and authentic touch.

The ronovation of the strucure by Job 3

Enzo Fasoli of the studio Job 3 based in Verona was entrusted with the renovation of the entire structure. It is he who has dealt with the new project and its development with the aim of giving a more modern but above all more authentic touch but above all, more authentic and in harmony with the landscape surrounding the interior of Locanda Monte Baldo.
From the beginning the wood was the obligatory choice to bring that genuine and warm touch of nature into the interiors of the Inn. The bar, restaurant and breakfast room were the main areas affected by the new renovation project but... Yes, because a wooden floor always brings with itslef a big "but", especially if placed in public places. The big problem in laying a parquet in very used environments is that of its delicacy, the wear immediately leads to scratching and ruining.

Lindura: the real resistant wood

These issues were soon exceeded when the Studio Job 3 proposed to coat the floor with Lindura, Skema 2.0 wood allows you to have all the qualities of a wooden floor, authentic as a parquet, beautiful, natural and scenographic thanks to the large size of its boards, without compromising performance because it resists to shocks and scratches like no classic wooden floor can do.
So on the surface of 180 square meter Lindura Elementary was laid down, a light shade that gives brightness to the rooms and at the same time recalls the typical colors of the mountain lodges, tables longer than two and a half meters that contribute to create a simple, fresh and welcoming effect at the first glance.
A new wooden floor that welcomes visitors in a warm embrace full of the authentic charm typical of parquet and at the same time does not fear scratches and signs, because it has a hard soul like stone thanks to the Wood Powder of which it is composed.

Destined to endure over time without heels, stones and sports equipment that ruin it.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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