2018 was declared the European year of cultural heritage and all initiatives will be carried out to enhance the richness of European cultural baggage, made up of many facets.
The European Commissioner who has inaugurated the activities declared:  "The cultural heritage is at the center of the European way of life. It defines who we are and creates a sense of belonging. Cultural heritage is not only made up of literature, art and objects, but also of the handcrafted knowledge handed down to us, the stories we tell, the food we eat and the films we watch."
Valorising own cultural heritage then passes also through the company's activities, custodians of technical and technological knowledge that they can translate into objects and services.
We have been widely shaing since long the concept that the cultural heritage is more than an abstract value and manifestes itself in many aspects  The incentive that comes from the European Community to dwell on this issue leads us in 2018 to put the emphasis on our corporate heritage, made of knowledge of the surface sector that is part of a broader context, furnishing and interior design.

Form to inform

It is therefore natural that one of the most important themes that we will develop also this year is the diffusion of technical and technological knowledge:
Practical training courses in Skema home, our "Man@Work".
Road Show to let whole Italy know how to apply the technologies that we propose in the surface area.
Theoretical training courses for expanding our knowledge.
We will partecipate to seven workshops organized by InfoProgetto, which will take us around most of Italy to talk about tools, technologies and the future of construction industry.
Moreover, a close and important collaboration with the academic world awaits us in the coming months, because the theoretical study and research to be applied later in the form of practical innovations remains fundamental.
All this because our cultural baggage passes also through the establishment of relationships, the awareness of how to form and be formed, grow together and spread good work practices.
Therefore, 2018 will be also our year of dialogue with all the stakeholders of our big world: floor layers, retailers, architects, planners, fitters, builders, interior designers will be our privileged interlocutors, to whom we will dedicate exclusive spaces in the dialogue and information.

The fair as a meeting place

We have declared several times that the square is our symbol place, where people meet each other and exchange freely opinions and information, even today the commercial squares where the meetings are concentrated between professionals are the fair events. We will be protagonists in some of the most important fairs of the sector, not only as suppliers, but also as actors in the front row.

New products, new design horizons

But the values of Skema are realized in its products, and also in this area the innovations will be many.
In 2018 the lines that will be affected by novelty or real revolutions are:
Sintesy, with the arrival of two new lines that respond to specific design needs and complete the offer of LVT Skema with their performances.
Outside, here too new products will be introduced to expand the range available and give more choice to those who design outdoor spaces.
• Also *Nadura and *Lindura will see a small revolution, but for now we want to remain mysterious.

Vertical: a protagonist of 2018

Surely you will hear us talk very often about the Vertical system and all its potential applications. There is so much to say and there is so much to do, the theme of acoustics aimed at improving wellbeing in the spaces remains our priority and Vertical is one of the most innovative solutions in the market where aesthetics, functionality and design flexibility meet.

Green Planet

Well-being in the environment for us also means well-being for nature. In 2018 we will engage in activities to strengthen our contribution to the protection of the environment. Resources and energies that we dedicate enthusiastically to improve day by day the way we work and live in harmony with the space around us. Already today Skema uses energy derived from renewable sources, in the coming months we will make a further upgrade installing a new photovoltaic system that will allow us to be almost self-sufficient from the point of view of energy.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.