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A made in Italy oasis in the desert of Dubai

If you think about an Arabian house, what kind of image do you visualize in your mind?

A sultan's palace with golden cupolas, mullioned windows, decorated furnitures and precious carpets covering all the floors?
Forget all of this.
Especially carpets covering floors.
Especially if floors are made by SKEMA.

Based in Dubai, Arabian Ranches represents exclusive villas located in the heart of the desert, with beautiful gardens, private swimming pools and sunny days all over the year! Wonderful houses, for sure, but nothing to do with the oriental style that imagination might suggest.
In particular, one of these villas has been completely redesigned following a project with a strong European flavor and a pinch of Made in Italy, represented by SKEMA Floorings.
The project was carried out by our dealer Finasi LCC, Dubai Design District.
Before the restyling, the apartment had closed and dark spaces: small windows, no contacts with the outside and dark walls and dark furnitures...a house that had a very little to do with the bright and warm days of Dubai!

Therefore the entire project had the aim to give light and space to the house: the demolition of some walls, the addition of large windows and the use of light colors was an inevitable but natural choice.
Every room was then enhanced by the right flooring.
The multi-width boards in rustic oak with white oil finish of Essentia Lava, part of the wooden collection Oximoro, for ground floor and stairs.
The practical but resistant Dakota Oak of Living Prestige Gold, the laminated flooring collection, for bedrooms and children's area.



These two different products gave to the house the warmth it needed: thanks to wooden flooring the risk to have a cold and inhospitable house was avoided.
But SKEMA products were used not only for floors.
The passage from the dining room to the rest of the house has been decorated with the wall lining Open Mind by SKEMA, Barrique Grey finishing. This element created a visual contrast that leads
attention to the floor, but it's still in harmony with it and the atmosphere of the entire space.
The result is a fresh, luminous, open but cozy house.
A house as fantastic as a sultan's palace.




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