wood floorings

For those who love wood in its pureness, the Oximoro line offers a wide range of sizes and colours that allow you to choose between different styles and finishes, from the simplest to the most complex. Oximoro is divided into two concepts, Opera and Autentici, which enclose all the wood proposals. In Concept Opera are grouped all the Opera collections: Opera 26, Opera 19, Opera 15, Opera Evo, Opera Ungherese, always a must have of Skema's proposal.

A system that includes products with easy access and articulated processing with natural and performant finishes to compose the Moods you most desire: contemporary, classic, urban, country. The Concept Autentici collects the products entirely made in European and Italian productions that give particular attention to the personalization of the product and to the FSC certified forest wood supply chain.


FORMAT: 2200x260x15 mm


OXIMORO OPERA 26 with its important sizes proposes hand-scraped Attila and the deeply brushed rustic oak of Etna Naturale.


FORMAT: 1800/1860/1900x190x15 mm


OXIMORO OPERA 19 has a remarkable dimensional stability and is available in many finishes to offer wide-ranging colors, from warm and traditional tones to modern grays.

FORMAT: 1860x150x10 mm


OXIMORO OPERA 15 with a thickness of only 10 mm can find space everywhere, it is a prefinished 2-layer oak wood floor with unique board that has a considerable dimensional stability.  It allows  the floating installation as well as the totally glued down one. 

FORMAT: 1220x158x10 mm


OXIMORO EVO. Evo as evocative because its superficial structure evokes the floorings washed with the lye by our mothers and hand-scraped by master craftsmen. All this at small budgets but for those who are hard to please. The single plank and the use of natural oils reveal its mixed character and trendy nature. The only difference allowed is between ancient or modern nuance, hand-scraping and brushing.  Suitable only for totally glued installation.

FORMAT: 1848X305X15 mm


OXIMORO OPERA UNGHERESE is a prefinished three-layer oak flooring  by a single plank that introduces the solution of the preassembled herringbone installation. It has  a remarkable dimensional stability. It is suitable for totally glued installation. Treated superficially with natural oil, it is available in the two finishes Ravel and Liszt.

FORMAT: 2200x195x14 mm

The wooden parquet equipped with the practical technological connection system VLS (Vertical Lock System), that is typical of engineered floorings. The VLS joint guarantees optimal connection, quick floating installation (glued installation also possible), with a truly innovative application result for the world of wooden floors. A new matte-effect type of varnish gives the surface a warm and deep aspect.


FORMATS: 1900x90x15 mm / 1900x148x15 mm / 1900x190x15 mm

OXIMORO ERMITAGE is the real Skema flooring. It is a pre-finished 3-layer oak wooden flooring of Italian origin and finishing with the back layer made of solid oak. It offers elements of various widths characterized by very different dimensions for a strong aesthetic impact. The uniqueness is also given by hand-scraping and oxidation that give a timeless tone and warmth. The finishing with natural oil or with natural pigments give an authentic and lived style, the true vintage. Suitable for floating or totally glued installation.

FORMATS: 1800>2400x190x15 mm - NOCE EUROPEO: 1800>2400x170>220x16 mm


It is the evolution of Itaca produced with Hungarian oak from a new territorial origin and a new structure. A wood with a structured fiber available in selected and rustic choice. CAMBRIDGE has the soft and craftsmanlike effect of the plank with a multi width emphasizing the oak wood matter. 


FORMAT: 700x140x15 mm


It is the version of Cambrdige to be installed with chevron and Hungarian herringbone geometry. CHEVRON maintains the three-layer structure but with new finishes and shades, finished with the hand-crafted effect of the oil. Perfect combination between plank and herringbone, an actual trend in the world of parquet.