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With a Lindura floor is love at first sight

"Good morning! I would be interested in buying your floors! I stayed at the Hotel la Baita di Folgaria in the province of Trento and I felt in love with the floors they have in the rooms! I got information from the owner who gave me your name! "

So begins this love story, with the message of a lady who contacted us through the Skema site a few days ago and from which the hunt for the mysterious floor conqueror of hearts started.
Following some phone calls and more than a couple of emails, we were able to discover the identity of the wooden floor and communicate it to the lady, who after all this laborious research deserved an answer as soon as possible: it was Lindura Rovere Naturale Oliato.
The lady, evidently, has good tastes and so does the managers of the hotel who have chosen a Lindura for the rooms of La Baita

We felt in love at first sight with the final result, too, so much to want to tell and show it in this article.

Wood and resistance in mountain buildings

More than 600 square meters of Lindura structured wood cover the rooms of the family hotel La Baita in Folgaria and even here it all comes from a thunderbolt between the owners of the structure and Skema Lindura wood floor, supplied by the company Schönsberg.

After all, it is well known that wood culture is widespread in alpine environments, houses, hotels and public buildings often have not only decorative wooden elements but are also made of this raw material. It is no coincidence that the practice of building prefabricated wooden buildings was born in these areas and that therefore builders and designers are real experts in the field.

All you need is Lindura 

Surprise them with a wooden floor is not easy, but Lindura managed to move and enchant the owners of La Baita and Realtà Legno - a company specialized in prefabricated wooden buildings that took care of the construction of the hotel - both pleasantly surprised by the technical features that make Lindura an innovative product, resistant to scratches and impacts like no parquet on the market but naturally fascinating in its aesthetic purity.

Lindura has convinced everyone: perfect for a hotel with an alpine style that, although modern, wants to maintain a strong link with the tradition of wood, but which requires a floor that can withstand the traffic of a public space.

From this experience, once again, emerges that the magic formula to find one's soul flooring is the combination of technology and innovation applied to even the most traditional surfaces such as wooden floors.


* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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