When our customers call us to participate in a project that can really improve the quality of life of people who's going to live a specific place, we realize that our products are more than just floorings. Aesthetic is necessary, qualities are indispensable but the opportunity to be the solution to overcome practical difficulties gives us the chance to perceive a very special added value.


Last May 13, it took place the opening ceremony of AIAS new headquarters in Bologna.  The building has been completely renewed by the construction company "Architetto Gotti srl", from Bologna, with which we are working for a long time. Architect Gotti was instructed by AIAS to draw up the project and supervise the work. He asked SKEMA to supply the floorings.


But…what is AIAS?

AIAS, Associazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici (literally Italian Association for the Assistance to Disabled People). AIAS was founded more than 50 years ago and it helps disabled people and their families to have a fulfilling life, giving them support in many different areas such as education, work opportunities and leisure time.

It was clear that this project had a strong social value and that it wasn't possible to work on a standard budget. The importance of this social aspect in relation to the budget is clearly exemplified in the choice of Arch. Gotti to design the decorative aspect of the project for free.  The new headquarters had to be functional, of course, but also able to stimulate and support people. This is why Arch. Gotti created some artistic wall decorations, such as the big hand that was also printed on the invitation card for the inauguration.


As Architect Gotti first noticed, the project had a few difficult aspects.

The original building had an irregular map (as you can see in the picture), with differences in height between the rooms and narrow passages. Not an appropriate situation for people with limited mobility. 

The restructuring had to take down all those physical barriers, widen the rooms and make the spaces more comfortable. At the same way, the floorings had to respond to those needs, they also needed to be the solution for the problem of the different heights of the bases and be resistant to the passage of wheelchairs.

We asked ourselves which one of our products was be the best solution. 

We chose 2 floorings with different specifications but both in the same color, to give continuity.


Top Level, in Vision Grey Kripton finishing, is a raised flooring with chipboard support, supporting structure and adjustable foot, that we used for the area with differences in heights that must be corrected; for the other areas we used Vision, in Grey Kripton finishing.

As you can see in the pictures, the combination of these 2 different floorings is harmonious because of the perfectly color matching joints.



The final result is a brand new building with a renewed structure and a modern style. Indoor spaces are open and functional, without any architectural barrier. AIAS new headquarters is undoubtedly a place developed around the special needs of those who spend there their time.


We think this was a very worthy project that gave to SKEMA floorings the proud of being the support for the fulfillment of hopes and dreams of people with disabilities.




Top Level Vision (in Italian)

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